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Paris the last week of May and first week of June

Hi all I am planning my first trip to Europe and I am wondering how weather and crowds are during this time? I have heard this would be a fine to to visit. Any ideas?


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I think it would be a good time to visit. It should not be super crowded, and the weather should be nice, though I always monitor the weather forecast before I leave to have an idea what to expect. I would not hesitate to visit Paris during this time.

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Crowds -- there will always be crowds. Monday May 25th is a French holiday (Monday of Pentecost). Weather at that time can be ideal, but you'll need to check the real weather forecasts as your departure time arrives to be sure of what it will really be for your particular days.

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Thank you so much for the replies. Do any of you know how easy it is to take a train from Paris to London or even Amsterdam?

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I will be going the same time in 2016, wanted to enjoy the parks and scenery in Spring. Eurostar has a standard schedule between Paris and London.

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"Do any of you know how easy it is to take a train from Paris to London or even Amsterdam?"

It's very easy and fast; Paris to London is 2 hours 15 minutes, and Paris to Amsterdam is a bit over 3 hours. To London, you take the Eurostar:

To Amsterdam, you take the Thalys:

The problem is cost. These trains use "airline pricing," in that they start out affordable for advance purchase of non-refundable and non-exchangeable tickets. If you need more flexibility or if the cheaper tickets have sold out, the price goes up - WAY up. Tickets bought for last minute travel can be very expensive. So, if you are thinking of these trips, buy the tickets as soon as you are sure of your plans.

To learn more about these trains, and trains in general, a great resource is The Man In Seat 61. Here's his Eurostar page:

And here's his Paris to Amsterdam page:

If you can't afford the trains and have more time than money, you can take buses. These are much cheaper - and take MUCH longer. Googling will turn up several companies. I remember a few years ago when I looked, a last minute ticket on the bus between Paris and London (I don't remember if it used the ferry or the Eurotunnel) was £25; a last minute ticket on the Eurostar train for tomorrow starts as £149 (and only two runs still have this price available).

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I was in France several years ago for three weeks in the end of May and beginning of June. I didn't think it was very crowded at all. The weather was great. And the days are super long (longest day of the year is June 21st). I am actually hoping to be able to go next year at that time!

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We were in France and Germany during the last week of May, 2013. The weather was cold and rainy. We have been in France in March, April and May when the weather was absolutely beautiful. We have also been in Paris in May when it was quite cool.

Weather is weather. You plan accordingly and dress in layers. In France, we always watch the weather forecasts on TV and then made our plans.

For crowds, it always depends. With all the holidays in May in France, there will be crowds. You would need to check the holiday schedules for other countries, both state/federal holidays and religious ones. Again, make your plans but be prepared to be flexible if needed. That is the fun of travel!

Good luck!

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I have been there last week of May and was FREEZING, literally layered all my clothes to keep warm.. then within a few days.. its was lovely.. its absolutely useless to plan by weather.. I have been in Paris in August when it was cool and rainy 7 out of 9 days.. and I have roasted other times. Good luck. Bring a wind/rain jacket.. something to layer under like a lightweight fleece or cardigan.. and long sleeved shirt. and short sleeved shirt a sundress, skirt or capris , in case its warm.

As for crowds.. sorry I have not found May to be crowd free.. marginally better then June and September.. but not that most would notice the difference unless they have been in busy and quiet times it would see crowded at the popular sites from April to October.

Nevermind.. there are ways to avoid long lines.. and just go and enjoy and take it as it comes.

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As you know "Paris is best in May" and this is true.
In Paris there is always a large flow of tourists. Only in January and February, he dries up and the inhabitants of Paris have their city for themselves.