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Paris solo at night, what can a senior lady do soloj

Will be alone for 5 nights in Paris, what can a senior lady alone at night?

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What do you like to do and what do you want to see? Late dining is rampant. Various museums have late night (until 9:45) hours with reduced admissions starting after 6 PM. Night Seine boat rides are fun. There may be some Pariswalks evening tours.

You can also check for lists of evening activities for the week you are in Paris.

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Enjoy a long, leisurely dinner at a neighbourhood bistro.

Visit a museum or gallery on their late closing day.

Go to a concert.

Take an evening cruise along the Seine.

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If you can ride a bike, Fat Tire bike tours has an evening bike tour. Thoroughly enjoyable and ends with a Seine cruise. It is listed in Rick's book.

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Just about anything you want :)

Check to see if there will be any concerts you might be interested in. The evening hours are often the dinner hour and meals go slow in Paris.

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I love opera and try to get tickets when in Paris. You can buy them on line. There is ballet at the Garnier which is cheaper. both an be purchased on the Paris Opera web site. The Philharmonie is a stunning symphony hall and I highly recommend booking something in the Pierre Boulez hall (other performances are in other buildings). The building itself is worth a visit and ticket are very much cheaper than for opera. Ste Chapelle does evening concerts which are beautiful in that setting; book the earlier show so you still have sun coming through the stained glass.

The Louvre is open late on Weds and Fri; the Musee d'Orsay is open late on Thursday. The Seine Cruises run every night; the Eiffel Tower is open fairly late.

I would plan at leasts one elaborate multi course meal. It is not unusual for individuals to dine at nice places in Paris. Always reserve. I have often seen a single person dining in nice places; it is about the food and single diners are welcome. My current favorite is L'Initial for a 48 Euro 7 course meal -- wonderful presentation and food. Afterwards stroll over to the nearby Notre Dame Cathedral and walk around it lit up at night; it is one of the world's great sights especially the back view. Ask a promising looking passerby to take your snapshot with the Cathedral behind you. A drink on top of the Montparnasse Tower affords a beautiful night view of the city or you can go up to the observation deck.

You can do anything you want and Paris is quite safe at night especially in busy streets of the center. I am an old lady and I have ridden by myself from one end of Paris to the other on the metro at midnight and walked to my lodging in the 13th or 17th or 18th. My husband and I do it virtually every night when we are in Paris, but I have also done it alone from time to time.

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Wow so many great ideas from so many kind travelers. Thank you all. I think the night museum visits are a great idea, can always spend days doing outdoor things. Been to Paris with husband and others many times but never alone. Dont think I could dine alone indoors very well but a seat at a sidewalk cafe where everyone watches the people go by --instead of me dining alone --would eliminate my self consciousness. Probably will stay on Ille St Louis as it is central and been there. Other ideas are great like evening boat rides and walking tours. Maybe a cooking class.

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Ronnie, don't feel shy about eating at a restaurant on your own. NO ONE is going to bat an eye that you're eating solo. Having said that, I do like to sit outside as long as it's not too smoky.

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Just want to second the idea of a concert at Sainte Chapelle. Not cheap but totally worth it.

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Ronnie it’s simply a non issue eating alone as a female in France , they really don’t bat an eye over it . I personally love it , I bring a book and relax ,some people write in their diaries or update their photos etc .

A boat cruise is nice ,and I second the idea of trying the Paris by Night Bike Tour with Fat Tire . No hills lots of stops easy to do and lighthearted fun .

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Ronnie, I am experienced at eating alone in the United States. It doesn't bother me at all. (I had to practice for awhile after my husband died). I still did feel intimidated by Paris restaurants. I pushed myself a little, and by the end of the trip I was far more comfortable and it worked fine.

I encourage you to "practice" a little before you leave if you are uncomfortable eating alone. It is also a good reason to go out to dinner.

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I dine alone often. I prefer outside for people watching and will often choose a venue as much for the view as the menu. Start no earlier than 7 or 7:30 and take your time (If they serve dinner before that, they're built for tourists). If you're finishing dinner in 30 minutes, you're doing it the American way. I usually take about an hour and a half (start around 7:30 and finish around 9).

I was just in NYC and the service felt incredibly rushed. My order came out instantly, courses piling up faster than I can eat them, and the waiter wanting to know if I was done. It was funny but in Europe that would be rude service.

Things I've done alone in Paris at night include St. Chappelle concert, a show (it was horrible), lots of walks, river cruises, late openings at museums, outdoor art displays on certain days and dining. I've also enjoyed sitting on sea wall next to the Seine with a beer or glass of wine until a little after dark listening to music from the bars and watching boats go by.

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I also vote for Sainte Chapelle concert. I went and sat in the back as you can still hear the music but also see the beautiful church. No need to get the best seats as you are listening to music. Nice way to spend the evening.

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I travel alone and don’t mind eating alone. But sometimes it’s nice to have company, not to mention help with trying the local specialties. I have discovered that taking a food tour is fun, safe and delicious, with a bit of a social component. I have done tours in NYC, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. They each were about 3 hours long with 12 or fewer tour members. We ate all kinds of goodies! The tours I took were during the day, but most companies offer night tours as well.

I’m sure Paris has these. Just search online on a tourist info site or TripAdvisor.

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Ronnie, you know that Paris is crazy for movies and lots of the cinemas will show VO films -- original soundtrack, that is, usually with French subtitles. A VO comedy is a little bit disconcerting -- I was laughing a fraction of a second before the audience members who needed the punch line translated.

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Ronnie, you didn't put your dates but I will be a "senior lady" alone in Paris September 1-7, staying in a hostel in the 13th A and seeing the things I have missed before.. If the dates work we could meet. I'll check this site for the next few days to see your response. Deborah from Kansas City MO

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It was a daytime tour but we took the food tour with Secret Food Tours in 2015 and our most difficult to please family member-college daughter-has mentioned years later how much she enjoyed it .