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Paris--September, 2024

Does anybody have any thoughts about visiting Paris in September, 2024? I am planning my next Paris fix. Low key 12 days in the city with possible day trips. How do you think recovering from the Olympics and para Olympics (ending (9/08) will affect the city?

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September is trade-show month, as well as fashion week, and probably the busiest month in Paris. Can you hang on until October?

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I'm probably going the end of Sept because that works best with other plans I have in place. I have not made reservations yet but in looking at hotel rates when others have mentioned Paris in 2024 they look awful, lol.....but I'll bite the bullet and go. I will also be back the end of Oct for a week or so, so will plan any big museum visits for then. I almost always make a Louvre visit - and will see if there are any special exhibitions at other museums then.

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Thanks for the insights.
I was in Paris in September, 2022 and didn't feel the crowds were an issue. My work year is October 1st to September 31st so I can't go in October without wasting my 2024 vacation days.
I am similar to Pam. Once I make my mind up about a trip I will find the funds. It might mean that the trip after that has to be economized, or I might work extra days to make up the difference.
Just knowing that Paris is on the list for a year out will help me sleep better at night.

I have been traveling now for 9 years and it is nice to have found a place that I want to return to.