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Paris Restaurant Suggestions - traveling with child

I have reviewed another posting with great suggestions on restaurants and need advice on places to eat with a child. This is our Granddaughter's birthday trip (10 in May) and she is willing to "try" new foods, but her favorites are pizza, pasta, hot dogs, mac/cheese (you get the idea)!

We have rented an apartment in the 7th (between metros Rue du Bac and Solferino). I love street markets and will expect to take goodies to the apartment. Any suggestions on restaurants that are good (I will check out Clover that was mentioned in other post)? Any favorite boulangeries for bread? I know they are all good, but I know we found a favorite when we stayed in the 14th for a couple of months.

We will visit the usual spots -- Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arch de Triomphe, Versailles --- and spend some time in parks. Any cafes to recommend near the tourist spots that are good? Also, any ideas on picking up a baguette with ham near any of these places for just a quick bite. I know these places are everywhere ... but you can never find them when you are looking.

One more ... we planned to have lunch at 58 Tour Restaurant, but it is booked until July. Any thoughts on a place with great views of the Eiffel Tower. Happy to splurge a little and push the boundaries for "kid friendly" on this one for the view unless you can come up with something that has a view and is kid-friendly!

Thanks in advance to those of you who have ideas for places.

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A restaurant with a great view of the Eiffel Tower is Les Ombres at the Branly Museum, which is below the ET, so you look up at it. I went there for lunch and had the €42 set priced menu (starter+main+dessert), which was very good. I ordered z glass of champagne without k owing the price and was surprised when I got the bill that it was €21! I didn't let that spoil my enjoyment, though.

You won't find a lot of restaurants, if any, with children's menus. French children pretty much eat what their parents eat and their partents teach them to enjoy good food. There is a chain called Hippopotamus that would have food your granddaughter would like - there are several .locations around Paris. Most cafes would also have food she would like as well as things that would stretch her tastebuds a bit. She would probably like a Croque monsieur - like a grilled cheese with ham. Almost every place has a roasted chicken or something similar, and hamburgers have gained popularity in Paris, too.

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ah yes 'would you like a glass of Champagne to start?' LOL. It is 25 for the glass at La Tour d'Argent.

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I can´t imagine that Clover would appeal to a 10 year old who prefers pizza and hot dogs. I would not take children there.

Hippopotamus is probably a good choice or maybe one of the Relais de Venise. Cafés can also be a solution. If you are looking for a memorable experience, consider le Train Bleu at Gare de Lyon for lunch.

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I would take the child to Hippopotamus and be done with it. There are kid-friendly menus and seat boosters.
It defeats the purpose to have an apartment if all you want is left-over food.