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Paris restaurant

Would appreciate suggestions for a particularly good dinner in Paris. We’re staying at the Les Jardins d’Eiffel in the 7th. The restaurant needn’t be fancy....just looking for good food.


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+1 for Nukesafe's suggestion of Tomy & Co. If you want to venture farther away from the hotel and without knowing your budget or the type of cuisine you want, below is a list of places where I know from personal experience you can get a great meal in Paris.

Bar Italia Brasserie (9th)
L'Etage de Pastavino (6th)
Restaurant Pirouette (1st)
L'Initial (5th)
Au Bougnat (4th)
Le Meduse (10th)
Le Mesturet (2nd)
Papillon (17th)
Il Etait un Square (13th)
A la Biche Au Bois (12th)
Thai Spices (4th)
Les Papilles 5th)
Le Percolateur (8th)
Le Casse Noix (15th)

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Great list JHK! I wish I had tried them all, but can only recommend A la Biche Au Bois and Au Bougnat from personal experience. Both of those serve excellent food for fewer bucks than the two I already mentioned.

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Well, okay then. Your initial post while noting the location of your hotel asked for a good dinner in Paris. If you had initially said you wanted to stay close to your hotel, I would have given different suggestions. Le Casse Noix is about a 20-minute walk from your hotel. Cafe Constant is also close by. I can't recommend Les Cocottes after the dinner I ate there last May. I have always enjoyed La Fontaine de Mars but I hesitated to suggest it because I have heard some people say that it is too touristy. Le Petit Cler on Rue Cler is a good choice. I have not been yet and I don't know your budget but I plan on eating at Restaurant David Toutain when I am in Paris in May. It is is very close to your hotel and I have heard great things about it.

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Thanks....and you’re correct. I wasn’t very specific in that original post; apologies.

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We had a really good 7 course meal at L'Initial in the 5th not far from Notre Dame for 48 each last spring. It was a real bargain at that price. I have booked it for my birthday dinner this April again. We have also had several good meals at La Cordonnerie a small one chef place not far from the Tuilleries; haven't eaten there in a couple of years, but we had several really excellent meals before that.

For traditional French standards like hangar steak, duck confit, beouf bourguignon (their specialty -- you can buy a half order or full -- my family always makes me get the full order so they can order other things but also share my dish) and good desserts like millefuile and a very nice grand marnier soufflet. Chez Dumonet, Josephine. They are very friendly about sharing desserts and entrees (appetizers). When we ate there with another couple, the waiter assured us that one order of the pate toasts was sufficient for the four of us and encouraged to share the soufflet by couple. Both absolutely right.

All these places need reservations. All are mid range priced.

for a real splash, we really enjoyed lunch at La Tour d'Argent. Pricey but the service, few and food all made for a wonderful celebration of our 43rd anniversary and my son's inlaw's 44th.
This is a Michelin two star and I think our menus were 85 each before the Champagne and the bottle of wine. It has gone up a bit since then. Not something we do every trip but was worth it for that one.

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Every time we are in Paris, we reserve a table at Le P'tit Troquet. Small, family owned bistro; amazing service & great food. We are never disappointed. Reservations advised since they are small. Conversely, the worst meal we've ever had in Paris was at Pottoka which is also close by. Overpriced with a wait staff that was beyond rude and condescending.

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Pricing Information Per Person for Restaurant David Toutain: Around 50€ lunch menu, 80€ to 180€ range for dinner, higher price includes wine pairings. Those prices are the reason that I have not made it there yet because I am usually in Paris with my two children and there is no way I am going to pay that much for food a 12-year old.

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Seconding Le P'tit Troquet!

Fantastic little place. Wonderful hostess, amazing food, stellar service, fantastic wine list. Can't wait to go back!

-- Mike Beebe

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We enjoyed Cafe Constant so much on our last trip that we dined there twice.

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Thanks to this thread, we now have reservations at Le P'tit Troquet for next week!

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Thanks, Martha. Planning to eat at Petit Rue Cler our first evening, as i5 is close to our hotel (Les Jardins d’Eiffel).

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How about La Terrasse in the 7th? It’s across the street from the Ecole Militaire metro stop. Great food, nice atmosphere. I had the French onion soup, roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake. Still thinking about that wonderful dessert!