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Paris reservations/ museum card

We are planning a July visit to Paris. Is it better to get the museum card and wait in lines for those with the pass or to buy tickets ahead of time and make reservations at each attraction?

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Not sure what you are asking. Generally, annual pass holders, museum pass holders, and advance ticket holders all use the same entrances.

If you purchase tickets in advance for the Louvre for example, you use the same entrance as do pass holders as long as you are there within the stated time frame on your ticket. If, as an advance ticket holder, you miss your assigned entrance time, your ticket is still valid but you must wait in line with those who do not have tickets.

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The Louvre has timed entries. We never bother as we travel in spring or fall, but in July it might be worth it. The Eiffel Tower is a must IMHO with a timed ticket or else walk up; I'd never wait in a two or three hour line for anything.

The other museums don't have timed tickets as I recall although special exhibits sometimes do. e.g. The Grand Palais exhibitions, and Marmottan exhibitions have timed tickets.

Mostly though buying a ticket ahead of time just gives you access to the security line designated for ticket and pass holders. This is gold at the Musee d'Orsay and you always skip the ticket lines inside at other places like Ste Chapelle, Versailles etc but at those two last places you don't even get a special security line.

Note that companies that sell 'skip the line tickets' at inflated prices don't have special tickets any different than the ones you can buy from the particular site yourself. You can also buy tickets at FNAC stores which can be convenient, to just get a bunch all at once if you don't want to manage each separately. They charge a small handling fee but not the huge mark up of middleman vendors

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Hi allison, do the math but if it’s even close, get a museum pass. It makes everything so convenient and will save you a lot of time.