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Paris Pass-worth it vs just museum pass?

I was looking to purchase the Paris pass for our trip, it seems to have a lot of experiences not only including the most well known attractions such as a hot air balloon ride, champagne tasting, even breakfasts. Are all of these other experiences on the pass not worth it/not great experiences? Would I be better off just purchasing the museum pass? Appreciate any advice!

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I really do not recommend any pass. They are not a good value. Decide what it is you want to visit, then purchase the tickets you need from a museum's/venue's own website.

Even with the museum pass, you can only make one entrance, and you must still book an entry time for the more popular museums.

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The Paris Pass is not a 'a pass' -- it is a collection of things stuffed in an envelope with the most expensive and least useful transport pass added in. The museum entry is just an ordinary museum pass. You could not do all the things on the 'pass' -- just buy what you want to do and if you want a museum pass get one of those. Since they have changed the pass to allow only one entry per location and most museums require reservations, it is not particularly useful. If you are doing a museum marathon over a few days, you might save money; otherwise don't bother.