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Paris Pass--worth it?

Three friends and I will be spending four days in Paris near the end of April. Is it worth it to get a Paris Pass? We'll get to Paris Sunday evening and leave sometime Thursday afternoon, so we thought the 2-day pass would be our best bet rather than the 4-day pass. We've also considered the Paris Museum Pass, which might work as well. Also, we're all students, if that makes a difference with any discounts we could get if we just purchased tickets individually.

To get the most out of a pass, we'd create some sort of itinerary and try to pack in as much as we can in those two days. But is it possible to see enough in two days, making the pass worth it? (Again, we have four days in Paris, so the other two days would be spent at the Eiffel Tower, exploring the city, etc.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, might this pass be an option? Is this a legit site?

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I haven't used the Paris Pass but most folks on this board seem to think it's not a good deal. But the Paris Museum Pass can be a good deal for energetic visitors with limited time. It gets you into most of the major museums, and a lot of "lesser" ones that you might also like, and lets you buypass ticket lines (but not security lines). There's no student discount for the pass. While you might find student discounts for some museums, they may also be limited to French or EU students, check museum websites as you do the math. With your three full days, I'd go for the 2-day pass. And plan your time carefully, most museums are closed either Monday or Tuesday, some are open Wednesday evenings.

Don't feel like you have to see "everything" in your 3 1/2 days, you couldn't possibly. Assume that you'll return, leave something for the next trip. (But don't make my mistake of waiting 40 years to take it!) Have a great time.

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welcome meg,

As with any type of Pass, do the math.

it will depend on WHAT you want to see. dont forget that they have Opening AND Closing times, so no matter what, they will close before you do.

Also, youre not flying solo, so if your friends dont like your itinerary, its not going to happen, or your going it alone. You may want to make this up as a group so there arent any surprises once you get there. Work out the bugs now and ALL agree to it.

I bought and used the Paris Museum Pass when i was there since it worked out for me. there wasnt alot of $$$ benefit, but where i saw and found the most was being able to pass the entrance lines. Security lines, no, but any line you passup is good.

As far as transit, i bought the pack of 10 carnets. It was the best for what and where i went.

Here is what i experienced when i was there in mid March of 2012.

Since you dont say WHERE you are going in Paris other than the Eiffel tower, i will give you what had the longest lines or issues.

Louve. I entered thru the underground. There was only 12 people in front of me and i got there 45 minutes before the doors opened. There is a day that the Louve is open late. So if youre there for that day, you could take advantage of that fact to open up the day for something else - hint hint. also, i could spend a whole day there easliy. Dont know about youall, but also think about how much time youre going to give each thing. that will help plan out your days.

Eiffel tower - long lines to get tickets. I had prepuchased my date/time. I got there 15 minutes before my time and they turned me back until 5 minutes before my time. No line to enter, just security. Lines for elevators so just be prepared to stand in line going up AND down. dont drink alot before either since there arent alot of bathrooms and if there are, theres a line for that too.
Musee D Orsay. Longer line there about 50 or so people 1 hour before opening. But it went fast.

this maybe a helpful hint and is what i do to minimize my travel distance and time (to make the most of my time & $$$).

i get a map and plot out what i want to see on the map. I also plot out where im staying so i can get an idea on how far im traveling to the place i want to go. Then i look at the closest tube stations for each thing.
i then look at open/closing times and go to the furtherest thing first and work my way back to the place of stay. that way if i have to go back and forth, im traveling shorter distance each time. I also try not to chris cross over the place to see things, but i try to place things in areas or zones or group them togeather.

you dont have to do this, but for me it helps keeping things straight and minimize my travel time.

happy trails.

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With a 2 day Museum Pass at 42 euro, you would need to hit 2 sites a day to get your money's worth. If you are into art, then its a no brainer. You have the big 3, Louvre, Orsay, Pompidou. If you are heading to Versailles for the day, that's a bigee. It is also good at the Arc De Triomphe and Notre Dame Tower.
For transport, there is the Paris Visite, which is a 3 day transit pass for inner Paris at 24.10 euro. It has a few discounts associated with it. If you're only looking for transport, you can buy 10 packs of tickets called a carnet for 13.70 euro. 10 rides should be good for 4 days, and if you run out, just buy another and share them amongst yourselves.
The problem with these all-in-one passes is you overpay for things you aren't interested in or don't have time for.

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Hi Meg.. er "this pass" is so expensive.. so no, do not get it , what a rip off.

The Paris Museum Pass can be very useful. There are more then just museums on it too!! The Towers of Notre Dame, St Chapelle, Arc D'Triomphe, the Pantheon.. its a very useful pass.

If staying central ( where are you staying) you can walk to alot of sights and between them.. I suggest buying a "carnet" of tickets for 13.70 euros. A carnet is simply ten one way tickets that can be used by anyone ( so you can share) on the bus or metro.

PS BE CAREFUL when planning itinerary.. most museums close on a monday OR a tuesday.. nothing sucks more then going somewhere and discovering its closed that one day!