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Paris pass?

Anyone have an opinion on what is the better option ?
Paris pass which includes museum pass and metro, Rer pass zone 1-3
Paris Visite pass zone 1-5 plus Paris museum pass
The later of the two is less expensive and includes transport to and from Cdg airport as well as train to Versailles

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the 5 zone Paris Visite is an overpriced tourist product which is almost never a good choice; it does cover the airport. The metro pass in the so called 'Paris Pass' is just a 3 zone Visite which is not good for the airport. If your dates fall between Mon and Sun of one week or more or less do so, then get a Navigo Decouverte which is good for all five zones, includes the airport and is 27 Euro including a one time charge of 5 Euro for the pass (you can recharge it for your next trip) If that is not going to work for your dates, buy a single ticket from the airport to Paris for 10 Euro and a two single tickets for Versailles (to and from) and for around Paris get a carnet of ordinary metro bus tickets to share with your companions. (10 tickets for 14.50.)

The Paris Pass is not a pass; it is a collection of other stuff you can buy if you want it for less. The museum access part of this kit, is an ordinary Museum Pass which is probably a good deal; just buy a Museum Pass when you get to Paris at the airport or the first museum you visit (pick one with short lines like the Conciergerie or the Cluny). It does give access to shorter security lines at most museums. The metro access is a Paris Visite which is almost never a good deal.

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We traveled to France a little over a year ago. My wife, friends, and I purchased the Paris Museum Pass and found it to be a great buy and worth the money. It was nice to be able to bypass the long lines for shorter ones.
Unless you are planning on riding the Metro a lot, I'm not sure that it's worth the cost for RER/Metro Pass. When we planned on a lot of this type of travel, we would purchase the day pass. I guess it's all in the type of touring that you prefer! Cheers.

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The Paris Pass is a very poor value. They just take the Museum Pass. which you can buy separately, and the Visite transit pass, which you can also buy separately and is not the best deal, package them together with a bunch of discount coupons which you may or may not want, and mark the whole parcel up about 30% to cover marketing cost and leave themselves a healthy profit.

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I wrote this post last summer and you may find it helpful: Paris Museum Pass vs Paris Pass

Please note that the prices for the 'Paris Pass' have increased since I wrote this post, however, the prices for the Paris Museum Pass have remained the same.

Enjoy your time in Paris!