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Paris Olympics 2024 trip

I've just purchased tickets to several Olympic events in Paris next year.
I've never been to Paris and I'm already bracing myself to be overwhelmed by the millions of visitors and higher prices.
That said, there are quite a few Airbnb's that seem to be reasonably priced.
My questions for the experts:
* What neighborhoods would be best for us to stay?
*What are the must-see attractions no matter the crowds?
*What other tips do you have for a successful visit?

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Buy or visit your local library and check out a copy of the Rick Steve Paris Guide.

As far as what to see, that depends on your interests.

Versailles, Mont St Michele, WW2 D Day beaches

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Good for you! That should be quite a thrill to see the Olympics in Paris.

A word of caution though. You may want to rethink using Airbnb in Paris. Search some of the recent threads on this topic to get a view of some of the potential issues.

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Actually Rick's "favorites" are probably going to be very expensive..

I suggested to a friend that she look in the 13th and 14th arrondissements as they are easy to get to and generally cheaper.

Personally I would be worried about "reasonably priced Airbnbs considering Paris's crack down. What I keep seeing with Airbnb is shortly before you show up there's "plumbing problem" Apparently in Paris "plumbing problem" is code for "I got caught with an illegal rental" or "Someone else will pay more Euros"

There's a Citiadines Apartment Hotel in the 13th that might be a good choice if you want and apartment.

(And yes, I know look for the 15 digit number.... which proves whoever listed the AirBnB could write out 15 numbers. I don't believe AirBnB confirms it's a valid number and I know you can't!)