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Paris Night Tour

Hi I am hoping for some input and opinions from RS travellers about Discovery Walks tours. My daughter and I are in Paris April 12 -15 This is our first time in Paris. We are staying in Gare du Nord area and arriving from London in the early evening by train. I am hoping to book a walking night tour on our first night to enjoy the city of lights
I have a bike tour booked for the next day and then considered the Viator Seine River HOHO Cruise for a 1 or 2 day pass in order to get around to the sites and meet up with tours. I am not sure if this would work out or if I still need a metro pass? and if so which pass would be the most beneficial?
I have a Right and Left Bank tour and Montmartre tour. These are all through Discovery Walks
I am hoping this covers many of the major sites although I know it just scratches the surface and I am hoping we are not filling our day too much considering we want to spend time in the Louvre, Nortre Dame, Luxenbourg Gardens, Sainte Chapelle, Arc de Triomphe and the Tower.
Any assistance to put these sites is some order would be most appreciated Thanks Caroline

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Sorry I posted this yesterday this is a bit more in depth however

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The ones you mentioned are where you arrive in time to take the walk, but you do not need to sign up for them. Exceptions are specialty walks and there is one for the evening:
"Paris Night Tour" from 7p-830p, and you need to call 24 hours in advance. Cost 24.00 euros.

They have an early evening walk, 5p-630p, "River Walk", meets at Charlemagne Horse statue on Ile de la Cite. Cost is your tip. Average 13.00 euros.

If your bike tour is a "highlights of Paris" landmarks and introduction type, you may want to scale back on the number of guided tours you have mentioned. Choose the ones that best suits your interests.

Consider buying a Museum Pass for 2 days. Group your sightseeing by geography and make the most of the Pass. Consider buying 2 Carnets for the Metro and bus lines. It is 10 tickets for 13,70 euros versus 1 ticket for 1,70. You will walk more often than you realize.

With the tours and your interests listed, I'd only consider a HOHO for 1 day and only if the weather is nice enough to sit outside on the second level of the bus. You see very little from the lower level.

The HOHO cost is high compared to putting the budget to some thing else: Popular activites
are an evening boat ride on the Seine. Buy some wine & goodies and bring them with you and sit back and enjoy the ride! Enjoying some Cafe culture; Department store and boutique shopping/window browsing with tea or coffee at Lauderee's; Shop for a decadent Picnic and go to Parc du Mars lawn to watch the Eifel Tower: Splurge on a fine dinner or lunch ...

If you want alot of guided tours, consider a Private tour for just the two of you. Make a list of what you want to see and visit, and arrange it with Discover or another company. You'll get more for your dollar and your time will be better scheduled to allow you to actually visit some of the places and soak up Paris!