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Paris/Nice connection

Criminey, it just occurred to me that we may have screwed ourselves with our new AF reservations.

We book a non-stop flight from Houston to Nice with a one hour connection at CDG. Yes, even in normal times, we know this is tight, but we figured if they offered it, we could make it. We will have carry on only. No checked anything. Here's where I think we screwed ourselves. Since we are connecting through to Nice, do we have to get the health pass before boarding the plane to Nice? Or can we get it in Nice? It didn't even occur to us about this. Geez.

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Looking at a random date in April, AF was showing a KLM flight via AMS that looked cheaper and gave you a bit over 2 hrs at AMS. It shows arrival at NCE 30 minutes later than the routing via CDG.

That may alleviate the tight connection, but I have no idea if it complicates things on the covid front

Good Luck

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Thanks for looking. We bought the tickets yesterday afternoon, so we are kinda stuck.

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JR, with the way things are now with the endemic I suspect you’d be able to change to a flight with a longer layover. I’ve made several changes without any charge to our Delta and our Air France flights although you’ll possibly have to phone rather than do it online.

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We are wondering if we can transit through CDG to Nice before getting the health pass or does it have to be once we get to CDG. Called Air France and the agent said 1 hr. was plenty of transit time. Specifically asked if we had to get the health pass before leaving CDG for Nice, and she really couldn't give me an answer. First she told me to call the Embassy. Then said we just needed the digital passenger locator form and if we were vaccinated then no worries we could transit through to the next flight without a pass. She didn't say that with any confidence. Still so unclear on what the rule is. IF we can get the pass in Nice, is there a place in the airport or near the train station? Grrrr!

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Almost positive you have 24 hours to cancel without penalty even by the old rules pre-covid. Give you more time to re-evaluate your options perhaps.

I booked our trip to Italy for late March this year in October and quickly realized I needed to change dates due to Easter. Went right back to the Delta website and rescheduled my flights, no problems.

Think most here would agree that a one hour connection at CDG is very risky. Have to get off the overseas plane, go through entry/passport control, find new gate and get boarded..........and they may lock the doors several minutes before departure. BTW you do not have a non-stop flight per your description, you have a connection - at CDG.

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I think by late April the Pass will be a thing of the past. I've made that one-hour connection, arriving from the US.
Finally, I remember showing the Pass only at check-in, not when boarding a connecting flight.

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You will be transiting through CDG and will not need a pass vaccinal, even if it is otherwise required. Upon arrive at CDG, follow the signs for connecting passengers, as immigration will be must faster. If the pass vaccinal is still required when you arrive, you can always get one at a pharmacy in Nice.