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paris museum pass for kids and versaille

as most museums are free for under 18's do you need a pass for your children or can they enter the fast line with you? we are travelling late august 2014.
also is it recommended to pre-purchase other tickets like versaille?

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Although your kids can usually skip the line with you, Rick's book mentions that kids do have to wait in the ticket line (if there is one) for a free ticket at the Arc de Triomphe and Army Museum. If this were the case at other major sites, they would be listed. The Paris Museum Pass covers the main sites at Versailles and free kids under 18 don't need a ticket; you can book online if you want a guided tour.

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alive I have actually taken my kids to Europe. . twice.

Your kids walk in with you at Versailles. No separate line or ticket needed for them..

At Invalids Army Museum( which my kids loved ) they did need a ticket( free) but there are never any long lines there so that's a non issue. I was just there 10 days ago.. once again.. ( and I have been there 4 times now.. all in summer busy season) we just walked in.. two people in front of us.

Arc.. we lucked out with short line. but yes kids need free ticket there.

Everywhere else .. Louvre, Orsay, Cluny, kids just walk in with you .

If your kids are close to 18 ( or look older) bring their id.. my kids were 13 and 11 so no issues with age id for them.

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thank you so much for the feedback. do you recommend buying the passes online before we go or waiting til we get there?

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Buy when you get there.. why pay more for postage,, then have to remember to pack them. waste of time and money. They are available many places.. where are you staying ., we can recommend a good place nearby..

They are also available at the Tourist Information Desk at the airport.. and at the Tabac under the Louvre( obviously do not try and get them at the Louvre itself since you would have to wait in line to do so!)

Preordering almost anything is not worth it..

Train/plane tickets are worth buying in advance but that's about it..