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Paris Museum Pass and Versailles

In the site of the Pass, they say the following:

"The PARIS MUSEUM PASS includes access to all unguided tours, open according to the season: the "Grands Appartements", the Hall of Mirrors, the King's Bedchamber, the Queen's Bedchamber, the apartments of "Mesdames" Louis XV's daughters, exhibitions, the Trianon Castle and the Estate of Marie-Antoinette.

Not included: shows, musical water shows, musical gardens, conferences, restaurants and transport services."

On the Versailles website, I just found out about this Museum of the History of France (, and it interested me a lot, but on the site it says that the rooms are open only to "special tours". But, one of the rooms of this tour is a room that is supposeably included on the Pass visit, so I'm confused.

Anyone here visited this museum, or the Battles Gallery, and can tell me if this visit is included in the Pass?
If not, I'll definitely want to book it (even considering that my french ain't amazing), but I'll need to select a specific hour, apparentely. Should I book it early in the morning and visit the actual estate later or I can plan a visit around 3 or 4 PM without rushing myself in the palace?

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The Museum Pass does not let you skip the horrendous security line; so either get there at least half an hour before the chateau opens or book a tour (extra) of the King's Apartments. These tours use a different entrance and you can tour the chateau itself after the special tour. I think it is 7 Euro on top of your pass.
The gardens are free most days and the Estate is always free (except for the Hameau and Trianon which are included in your entrance ticket or can be bought separately on the spot) On fountain days there is an extra cost for entering the gardens:

It is IMHO worth it. But since the fountains are on only briefly morning and late afternoon, it is tricky to juggle with the chateau visit.

I would assume that if it says a 'special tour' is required for something you want to see that it is not accessible on the main tour. Web sites are often a bit sloppy.

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According to the official Paris Museum Pass website, it looks like you cannot buy it at Versailles.

We purchased our Paris Museum Pass at the Cluny Museum since there are usually no lines there.

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Even if you could buy it at Versailles, it would be a terrible place to do it as you would end up having to line up in the second ticket line which you would avoid having the pass. It is easy to get at the airport or train station or at a museum without a huge line like the Cluny or Conciergerie.