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Paris Museum Pass

Dear all, may I ask which website to buy the Paris Museum Pass (PMP) at the cheapest price please? Extrabux sells the 4 days' PMP for 66 Euros, for example, but I'm unsure if it is reliable. May I ask if there is an official website to buy PMP from please? Thanks

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Unless you have calculated that you save a lot of money with the PMP don't buy one. They have no value besides money saving -- they don't let you skip any lines that an ordinary ticket would not allow the same. The Louvre has restricted slots for pass holders. Most museums require a reservation even with the pass. Buy them from the official site if you want one -- but probably don't buy one.

This is the official site.

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Thank you very much, janettravels44! This official website recommended by you sells 4 days' pass (PMP) for 77 Euros which is more expensive than Extrabux selling it for 66 Euros. May I ask if these cheaper tickets from Extrabux are recommended please?

Secondly, I calculated the cost of (1) Versailles Palace ticket 32 Euros, (2) Louvre 22 Euros in the morning of one day (3) and in the afternoon of the same day, Combined St Chapelle and Conciegerie 20 Euros = 74 Euros for two days which means the next two days for some more museums will be just 3 Euros.

May I ask if anyone could recommend how I could visit the more highly recommended museums in Day 3 and Day 4 please, planning to put those within close proximity in each day so that I need not waste time travelling from one to another please - short travelling time will be okay though?

Last but not least, what metro or public transport card should I buy to travel in Paris to visit all these museums and Eiffel Tower in Paris please? I shall be staying in a hotel 3 to 4 mins' walk from Gare Du Nord and I am 64 years old (turning 65 only in September 2024) while my husband has already turned 65 years old.

We welcome any other advice that is cost and time effective please. Thank you very much.

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Hi could someone tell me how to book Eiffel Tower tickets online please? I clicked on the official website for hours yesterday and for minutes now only to receive this:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Try again later.

I cannot therefore book any tickets.