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Paris museum line wait times for pass vs timed entry

Is there any difference in wait times / lines between a timed entry and a pass or untimed advance sale ticket specifically at the Orsay.
I am trying to decide between a combo ticket (like for Orsay with Rodin) vs a timed Orsay ticket probably on Thursday afternoon (when the Orsay stays open until 9 pm. We will be in Paris the 2nd week on June 2022 and it looks likely to be busy.

Thanks for any recent experience .

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No. The day I was there recently they had everyone who had tickets/timed entries lined up in the same line. There was a separate line for what appeared to be "Friends of the Orsay" or whatever they are called. If you have the first entry of the day you'll probably end up waiting in line longer than if you come later in the day. When I left around Noon there was no line at all on the advanced ticket side.

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With the museum pass the sites still have been requiring you to book a specific entry time.

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I was in Paris from April 13 to April 28 minus 3 nights in the middle for Colmar, lol.

As mentioned I did the Orsay first thing in the AM. I misjudged my walk time from the hotel or walked faster than normal and got there way early. How early? They still had the line area blocked off so couldn’t even actually line up, lol. 😆

BTW, if you are going for the Impressionist galleries, my advice is to walk straight to the back thru the sculpture gallery, then go left and continue back. There are hidden escalators that take you directly to the top floor where those galleries are located. Then work your way to VanGogh (same floor, across the end) then down.

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Amen, Pam. Going first thing in the morning and B lining it upstairs can afford some amazing, intimate moment with the impressionists. So memorable.

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the Museum Pass never got you ahead of timed entries or tickets bought ahead. Most museums had a security line for those with tickets or passes and one for those without and the ticketed line was faster. So the pass never gave special priority beyond a ticket.

Now with most. museums requiring timed entry everyone stands in the longish security line and those with passes usually need to have a reservation too.

The Museum Pass had undergone some major changes that make it of dubious value unless you literally are doing a museum marathon and cramming several visits a day into the itinerary. It no longer gives you any special line priority and it no longer allows repeat visits to places best visited in several short visits like the Louvre. I would not bother with it unless you know you will save money given what you plan to do.

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I was there last October.

The Orsay & Rodin specifically allow PMP holders to enter w/o a timed entry. That hasn't changed. It's on their site, you have to dig.

I also went to Orsay on their late night - I think it was around 6 or so when I got there - breezed right in, no line, no waiting.

I went to Rodin earlier in the afternoon that same day (3 pm maybe). No more than a 5 minute line.

Keep in mind I lucked out, I was there after the Delta variant and before Omicron, and while the city had pretty much opened up, there wasn't a huge tourist surge like now, so I wouldn't guarantee my experience was the same.

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Any experience hitting the museums on the nights they are open late? Are the lines shorter or should we still try to get tickets ahead? We'll be there in a couple weeks and want to do the Pompidou Center one evening or the Orsay on a Thursday when it is open late.

A couple of random suggestions since you’ll have two weeks. Just got home from Paris. There was a Boldini show at the Petit Palais which is a treat in itself. I was barely aware of Boldini, a contemporary of Sargent. The show is a knockout. The Cluny has reopened after being closed a long time for renovations. It has The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries, the ruins of a Roman bath, and much more. It was a real pleasure. We also had timed tickets for the Louvre. I had done my homework and had planned a route avoiding Mona. Didn’t help. What’s nightmare - now I know what a mosh pit is like.