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Paris Late mar/Early April: Day trip question

Hi Folks,

My Wife and I will embark on a short trip to Paris for her 60th Birthday. I had posted questions in previous months, but then stopped thinking about the trip as I wasn't sure it would happen given the world situation. However, as the trip approaches, we are once again getting excited as it appears we are "in" for our trip. I have been to Paris many times, having worked there a number of years ago. However, my Wife's first trip. I have most figured out what I wanted to show her, but we have 1 day trip planned, on Sunday April 3, and I am still not sure where we should go. She would like to go to Giverny, which appears to open April 1. However transportation seems a bit complicated doing by ourselves, and I am actually contemplating a small tour form Paris should we decide to go there (I see a few half day tours with max 8 folks in a mini van... I typically do NOT like tour buses, etc, but in this case maybe best way?).

Any suggestions on any tours folks took that they liked? If I can't figure it all out, my back-up is to take the train to Chartres, where I have been before (I have been fortunate to have travel quite a bit in my adult life. When going to places she has never been, we try to add things to the itinerary that I have never done or been - I have never been to Giverny). We had contemplated Chantilly, but ruled out this time (my Wife LOVES horses). Ultimately, so much to do in Paris, I guess we really don't need a day trip, but I like getting a different perspective - even if only a day - from the city we are visiting.

Anyway, any suggestions appreciated!



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We took a tour to Giverney just for the transportation. Once there, we were on our own or chose to be on our own. This was a long time ago and do have name of your company. It is a beautiful place to visit so I hope you two make it there.

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My husband and I traveled from Paris in the 5th A to Giverny in mid-April of 2019 for a day trip. We simply took the train from the Paris-Saint-Lazare train station. It took @ 45 minutes. We then took a taxi into Giverny (10 minutes). The travel was easy and straight-forward. We were lucky that the weather was sunny and @ 65F. Many flowers and trees were in bloom then. The rest of our stay in Paris was cold and windy that time of year.

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there is a shuttle bus that meets the train in Vernon and takes yu to Giverny -- you pay the driver. It is so easy to do on your own and you then have the freedom to take the time you want, that I would not pay a middle man.

If there is a restaurant you must visit, book well in advance.

If you haven't been to Versailles, I'd add that and get a timed ticket; I think a fountain day is preferable as the garden is not very interesting when the fountains are not running.

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While Monet's house in Giverny is interesting, the main attraction is the amazing gardens.

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It is really easy to get there on your own. Once you have your hotel decided come back here and we can give you exact directions to the St Lazare station where the train sets out from. If you can navigate to Chartres you can most definitely navigate to Giverny.

Once on the train (no reservations required) hop off at Vernon and either take the shuttle bus or a taxi the short distance to the gardens. Hop out, show your advance ticket, walk in, enjoy.

Going back just do it in reverse.

Most people can do that and really don't need somebody to pick them up in a van and drive them there.

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Thanks for the replies!! Sounds easy enough to get to Giverny, we will do it by ourselves.