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Paris in August family of 4

We are planning a trip to Paris the first week in August we wanted to include a day at Disney. We are looking for hotel and not sure what section of the city to stay. My son is 14 and is 5'9, my daughter is 11. We wanted a space big enough to fit us all comfortable in a central location. additionally can you take the train to Disney from Paris? Any suggestions for the kids in the city. - thanks

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Rather than a hotel, I would suggest an apartment. Hotel rooms in Paris are small. You would have to get either two separate rooms or a quad room.

As for location, I like the 4th (Marais), 5th (Latin Quarter) & 6th (St. Germaine) arrondissements, as close to the river as possible. That will make you most central and you can walk to many places from there. There are numerous websites to find apartment rentals in Paris. I usually look at and This year for my trip I am also checking airbnb, as many here have had good luck with that.

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First of all, go to the website where you will find a complete description of how to get to Paris Disney from the city. (No doubt the Disney website also informs you of this.) Having learned that, you will then know where in Paris to seek a hotel. Gare de Lyon area perhaps or Place de la Nation. Look at a map of Paris for these locations. If you do not have a guide book for Paris, get one.

Finding a hotel room in Paris for four will be a bit of a problem, unless your budget is very generous. What is your budget incidentally? You may have to settle for 2 rooms. As for suggestions "for kids in the city", since we don't know your kids, tell us what they like to see and do (apart from Disney).

Edit: If this is your first visit to Paris, I disagree with the idea (see above) of an apartment. First timers need front desk staff to advise how to get places, etc. In an apartment you are on your own.

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Andrea and Norma both make good points. I'd recommend an apartment so you can spread out, adults can be awake while teens sleep and vice versa, you can make some meals on your own, do laundry (if so equipped as many are), etc. The only advantage of a hotel would be, as Norma suggested, someone in the lobby to help you figure things out. But a good guidebook, like Rick Steves' or others, would give you what you need to get yourselves around.

The Bastille area is close enough to Gare de Lyon to put Disney within easy reach, and central enough for other Paris sights. Less expensive apartments (and hotels) will be east of Place de la Bastille. The two of us stayed several nights in the Hotel Corail on Rue de Lyon a few years ago, it was nothing special but OK, very helpful staff, don't know about rooms for families. But, really, the Metro is so good that you could locate almost anywhere close to a station and get wherever you want to go.

As for the kids in the city, my suggestion would be to pass around the guidebook and let them find things they want to see and do, give each person a day to plan the family activities, allow for some separations depending on their maturity, and be prepared to compromise. One thing I wouldn't miss in August is the beach scene along the banks of the Seine, where the city hauls in truckloads of sand and people pretend they're at the Riviera or whatever. I haven't been there in August in many years, but it sounds like fun.

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My family of 4 was in Paris at the end of July 2013 and we have spent time there in August as well. My son was 16 and 6'3" and daughter 13. At the end of a day of sightseeing what was most important was air conditioning, space, and free wifi. During the day you can be hot, crowded, and away from friends at home as long as you can recharge at night. I am not sure what part of US you are from or whether you have been to Europe but AC is scarce and not powerful like it is here. So, you will be happy to have it while you sleep. Paris is very crowded in the summer. We stayed in the 15th. I actually recommend getting away from the river in the summer. Paris is always charming but the big stinky sweaty crowded city part of it is most evident in July and August. My teens loved being able to take their own photos with camera or phone. We set up a private FB group of family only to post pics at end of the day. Our most enjoyable days in Paris in summer were well planned and included reservations. It is not the time to wander aimlessly. That is for a patient couple during another time of the year-not for teenagers. Get reservations for Eiffel Tower if you are going. We enjoyed the Louvre and Chocolate tours with Paris Walks and Fat Tire Bike tour of Versailles. Someone in our group had done the Fat Tire night tour of Paris and said it was great as well. I don't know what your teens are like but mine preferred anytime we were moving and I wasn't the one trying to be the tour guide. We really like each other and get along but this is just the way it was. I promise any extra money you spend on AC, space, tours or reservations will be worth every penny. No reason to fly 4 people over there and have a lousy time. I have great memories of our trip! So glad I had that time with them as they will be in college soon!