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Paris in a DAY Tours plus night Siene River Cruise to see the Eiffel tower twinkle.

My family is going to Paris for 1 day before we fly home. We will be there on July 14 for 24 hours we land at 2:00 pm and fly out at 3:00 pm on July 15th. Would you please recommend tour companies and tours that you did that you enjoyed traveling with my husband and 3 teen daughters? We want to see as much as possible: We want to see all the big landmarks. I was looking at The Tour Guy the Best of Paris but it won't let me book. Does anyone have any tour companies that they have used hat they loved and would recommend?

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July 14 is La Fete Nationale in France (Bastille Day). There will be fireworks all over the country. The city will be full (and remember the Olympics!). I hope you can find accomodations for that night. I don't know if there will be any tours to be had that day.
Bonne chance!

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Why not do your own thing? Go by Notre Dame ( still being repaired of course but worth a preview) after you check in to your hotel, get a bite to eat then do the Seine ride. Pick the sites you want to see and map out a plan by using the metro to go from place to place the next day. Your time is very limited since you need to allow travel time to departure airport.
What is on your must see list?

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@goanywhere Because I am traveling with teens I know that the Eiffel tower is a must-see for them. I would love to see the Mona Lisa, pass by Notre Dame, and do a night Sienne cruise. What are your thoughts? I feel like the Mona Lisa is nice to see but I don't think that it will be possible.

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If you want to do a night river cruise (and I highly recommend it), check out Vedettes du Pont Neuf. It is a river cruise company we've used several times, and we've never had to have a reservation. The evening cruise with the city all lit up is wonderful; especially when the Eiffel tower twinkles.

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Off topic somewhat, but I have seen the Mona Lisa and prefer the Genevra de Binci(I think that's the correct name) by Da Vinci at the National Gallery in DC, and your view of the painting((which is smaller than the Mona Lisa) will probably not be obscured by crowds of people.

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If seeing the Mona Lisa is critical, by all means plan to do so. Personally, I’ve seen it and don’t feel like my life is richer because of that. We all have our preferences. The evening cruise on the Seine brought me more joy; we didn’t do that until our third trip to Paris. IMO, any time spent anywhere in Paris provides memories that are like no other.

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Just remember dusk comes late in Paris during the summer months & the twinkle lights of the Eiffel Tower may not come on until 11 pm or so (has that changed?).

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Landing at 2pm one day, departing at 3 pm the next day, not sure going to the Louvre will be possible (or if it is, you will be very rushed). Save the Louvre for another visit. The rest of it is doable on the evening you are there and depending on where you are staying, you could enjoy strolling a neighborhood early the next morning and catch a few more sights.

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Re the Eiffel Tower, I think it is closed on July 14, at least to go up. Of course, it is still a treat to see it from the ground, There are many places to take a fantastic photo of it (e.g. from the Trocadero). It also is possible that the area around it may be fenced off because of the Olympics. Best of luck!

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This website lists the schedule for closures around the main sights in Paris in advance of the games. There are other articles linked that indicate there will be many areas completely shut off and requiring special permitted access (guessing that tourists don't get that access). My quick read is that the gardens around the tower will be completely closed off around July 1.

I wouldn't personally try to go to the Louvre with that short a time frame. There is usually a huge parade on Bastille day, but by the time you get to the city from the airport you may miss all of it (but could have residual traffic to contend with). For the night cruise given the holiday, I'd certainly make reservations ahead of time. I'd also give yourself plenty of time to return to airport for your onward flight - since July 14 is on a Sunday, the following Monday is a holiday so airport could be extra busy (ordinary summer tourist crowd, locals on vacation, plus the Olympics stuff).

Best of luck.

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hey hey LindaS
where are you flying in from, do you have accomodations booked, where to put your luggage before venturing out.
too bad you couldn't get into paris earlier since you'll be getting a late start to all you want to see & do with the crowds, long lines, many places not open, traffic. it will be a disappointment expecting so much and not getting much done. plus you have 5 people to keep together will cost more or not have room to accommodate, read FAQ, where they meet, or pay a little more for pickup at your hotel, what's included to see. email them to make sure they are operating that sunday. i would see what tours are available for your group especially with the olympics everywhere , be happy to book something to please all. we took some tours but there was only 2 of us making it easier.
you will need to be at airport (CDG) 3 hours before flight to USA, i'm assuming. do you have transportation to airport with your gang/luggage room/enough seats? may need a shuttle or van.
look at the tours, where they go, short stops for photo ops.
don't want to sound like deloris downer, lots to consider, high high season of summer, olympics, CROWDS.
we were in paris october 2019, was absolutely crazy. fashionista week, so many paparazzi all over, president chiraq had died aand all of france was in france for the memorial, dignitairies from all over the world, police with guns at every street corner, tanks, limousines, rescue/police vehicles, sirens, techno music parade, no room on sidewalks to walk, cafes full. we just went with the flow, stopped for a glass of wine & chacuterie tray people watching, "free" entertainment at trocadero, up & down champs elysees.
whatever you get to see & do enjoy your short visit with your kids, have fun

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I hated the Louvre Museum but LOVED the Musee D'Orsay! The Louvre is way too crowded and the area around the Mona Lisa is just crazy. If you really want to see it pre-book your tickets online, with that being said, I suggest just doing a free walking tour:
There is also Viator.
Here are some free walking tours in Paris that are conducted in English:
Freetour Paris Essential
Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens
Freetour Legends and Mysteries of Paris
Montmartre Free Walking Tour: From Moulin Rouge to Sacré Coeur
Fragonard Perfume Museum Free Tour
Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees
Free Walking Tour of Le Marais
Paris Uncovered – Free Walking Tour

Enjoy, Paris is amazing! :)