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Paris hotels on l'isle Saint Louis

I am looking for a comparison of Hotel Saint Louis en l'Isle and Hotel des Deux Isles. Has anyone stayed in either or both. thanks sue

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I stayed at Hotel St Louis 3 years ago and loved it. The rooms are small but the staff was wonderful and the location is perfect...5 minute walk to Notre Dame...10 minutes to the Latin Quarter. Highly recommended and I would stay again. I wouldn't purchase there optional breakfast as there are many cafes and bakeries close by.

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It might help to study the photos to see if you're missing anything you need in particular. You can use's website to see how big the rooms are.

We have stayed in the 3 hotels which were run by the same family - Lutece, Deux Continents and Saint-Louis-en-l'ile. Several years ago, the hotels became individually owned - the Saint Louis was most recently renovated about 3 years ago - but the rooms in all 3 hotels are all about the same size and have the same basic amenities. They are only a couple of doors away from each other, so location doesn't matter.
Only Hôtel Jeu de Paume is a little more luxurious and more expensive, but not really worth the money.

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All four hotels on ISL are great, I'd just go with the least expensive one. You picked a great neighborhood to stay!

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Thanks for the input. I stayed at Saint Louis en l'Isle 2 years ago and liked it. I think I"ll stick with that one again. Sue

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Just a personal opinion, but I would skip the hotel all together and get an apartment. Ile St Louis is the perfect location.

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It's not on the L'isle, but this one is Darn nice! Look it up! We're staying here in May and cannot wait to see this place in person! It has 4 windows opening up to the hotel de ville plaza, looking across to notre dame cathedral. I'd love to be a fly on your computer to see your eyes bulge out when you open up their website. GREAT daily rates too!

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The Lutece is very pleasant, be aware of narrow staircases and some oddly shaped rooms. I believe they combined two buildings to make the hotel and so there are odd contortions.