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Paris Hotel Location

Help, I'm torn on where to stay for our 6 night honeymoon in Paris in October. I'm between 2 hotels: one is in the 9th, very close to the Madeleine metro stop and the other is in Montmartre on 12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre in Pigalle. Both are highly rated hotels and both are fairly new and modernized. I've always wanted to stay in Montmartre but want to make sure this is a decent area of the neighborhood, as it's also a 5 minute walk to the nearest metro. I've only stayed in the 16th before and was hoping for a more charming area of the city and couldn't find anything in the marais area that would allow me to redeem my travel reward points (which is where I had hoped to stay). I appreciate your advice!

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If it were me, I'd stay near la Madeleine. One of my favorite hotels is located in that area and I think it's a great, central location.

I don't love Montmartre as much as many people on here. For me it's too far away from the center and it just rubs me the wrong way. If I were you, I'd base my decision on which is most convenient for you.

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I would generally say Madeleine too, but I checked out your address on Google Street View, and that's a little strip of street I know (because of a cute shop there Tombés du Camion, if it's still there), and it's a fine part of Montmartre, not skeevy. However, it's a bit restricted in terms of transport. You walk down the street then down the hall, before getting to Pigalle which is one choice of metro. At Madeleine, you're in walking distance of several things, plus you have the 8, 12, and 14 lines right there, and you're only a few blocks from Concorde with the 1 and the 12.

Either would be fine -but Madeleine will be more 'central.'

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The area of Montmartre where the Hotel Terrasse is located is very charming -- near Rue des Abbesses and Rue Lepic with a 5-8 minute walk to either Abbesses or Blanche metro stops. The hotel is quite nice (I've stayed there) with a rooftop bar, a restaurant and two small fitness rooms and panoramic views of the city from certain rooms. And shockingly for Paris, close to regular sized elevators. There is also a bus stop right on the corner for the 95 bus which goes to Opera, the Louvre and over to the Left Bank. If you always wanted to stay in Montmartre, this is an excellent choice as long as you recognize that you are staying in an area that is less central than others. That is the trade off with Montmartre.

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It's much easier to find small, chef-owned reasonably priced restaurants near your Montmartre address than the Madeleine address--just another consideration.

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Thanks everyone... now we are equally torn. I still want Montmartre and my fiance says Madeleine is more reasonable. I wanted to have restaurants and places to get a late drink close by and it seems like Montmartre might be better for that. The indecision is incredible!