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Paris hotel for 4

Hello! We are a family of 2 adults/2 kids heading to Paris for 5 days in fall 2023. We are looking for accommodation with 2 double beds (or 1 double and 2 singles) but struggling to keep in budget under 200Euros/night and still in the centre.

We were happy to find the Premier Inn in London thanks to this group (basic but clean and enough beds at a good price) but can't find an equivalent in Paris.

Any insight or recommendations very welcome!

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Paris is an expensive city. While I can't give you the name of a specific hotel, take a look at Ibis hotels. They are a large chain of hotels that offer different levels of rooms. I've stayed in a few. They were basic but clean. Similar to Premier Inn.

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there are filters on that you can use to narrow down your search.

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Room rates in many cities--Paris certainly included--are highly seasonal. Can you be more specific than "fall"? It has been decades since I spent the night in downtown Paris, but I know folks have said here that September is the busiest, most expensive month of the year there.

How old are the children? That might matter, too. requires the ages of children before showing any results.

I use a lot; have you tried it? There are lots of useful filters. One thing to watch out for in your price range will be apartments with just one real bed for two people, with the other two expected to sleep on a sofa bed. Those things are sometimes really uncomfortable.

I suppose the Ibis chain is reasonably equivalent to Premier Inn. "Ibis Budget" hotels are less expensive than the plain "Ibis" hotels. "Ibis Styles" are somewhat more expensive. I don't know that any of them have rooms that sleep four people.

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Thank you for your help! We are looking at the first week of October but also wondering if this is an expensive time. Yes, I have been using booking as well as some others to search the past few weeks but haven't found anything with solid reviews in our price range yet so I thought I would reach out here. I used to live in Strasbourg so am familiar with the Ibis brand and was hoping to find something there too but they are still out of our price range for the 4 people. Our kids are 7 and 9 and our youngest could comfortably sleep in a small cot if need be but haven't been finding that option many places. And yes I have been finding it frustrating that most places that list 2 beds are actually one sofa bed and one "real" bed which is not ideal. Thank you for your advice!

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In Paris, there is little distinction between adult and child when making hotel reservations, they both count as occupants. September/early October is indeed high hotel season as there are many trade shows and conventions, prices will reflect the demand increase.

I would start with the Hôtel Marignan, a long time, family owned and operated hotel in the 5th, about 10 minutes walk from Notre Dame. What they have available, and the cost per night, will be representative of what is available throughout the city. Rates are not yet available for fall, but my guess is that you will be able to find a room for 4, under 200€ per night.

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I stayed in a single at Hotel Marignan - great hotel (NO ELEVATOR, so be warned; i was on the top floor), and the owners are wonderful!