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Paris hotel

We return to Paris for one night before we fly home. It's May 1 (holiday) and forecast is for rain all day, so I think it's time to splurge a bit on hotel. Splurge means a lot of different things but for me it's under 200E, has a hotel bar and close to metro (airport in AM). Two adults -- 50-60ish.

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I would probably stay someplace near RER Line B. The Holiday Inn Notre Dame might suit. Right now, it is showing as US$173 on

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If your flight in the morning, you might do better to stay at a hotel AT the airport (CDG). You will need to be at the airport at least 3 hours before a flight to the US. There are four hotels convenient to terminal 2: Ibis, Novotel, Hilton, and Sheraton. Once you are checked in or store your luggage, you can take the RER into Paris for the evening.

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Thanks but our flight is not until 11 am so we have times to stay in the city.

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If the flight is at 11, you need to be there at 8 am and with the delays current, earlier wouldn't be amiss. Some people are being told by airlines to arrive 4 hours ahead at CDG because of increased security scans. This gives you no time for Paris in the am. By staying at the airport you gain an hour of sleep, can have a relaxed breakfast and get on the intra airport conveyor to the terminal with no stress. I'd come to the airport hotel mid day and then take the RER back into town for the afternoon and dinner and a leisurely Seine stroll and then take the train back for bed. This is what we do when we are just passing through Paris like this.

Another trick is if using a rt ticket to Paris to do the rest of the trip first and end in Paris so there is no last minute rush; or fly open jaw into one city and out of another. But in your situation, I'd sure stay at the airport and get an extra hour of sleep the morning of the flight rather than having to get a cab or train at 7am for the airport.

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While many posters suggest staying in the city. I would suggest the Novotel at the airport. We have taken a similarly timed departure and being at or the near the airport makes life so much easier!

As Janet suggested, I have used the time to relax and to repack and get things ready for the flight. Once, we went back to the city but it was just as nice to relax at the hotel even though some may call it a "cookie cutter" hotel with no character. The restaurant was OK, the room was clean and it was easy to get to the airport.

Good luck!