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Paris gare de Lyon and Madeleine logistics

Will arrive by train at gare Lyon about 4pm on a Sunday in late June.

  1. Will there be a staffed metro ticket office open. Would like to by a navigo decourte card for that week. General directions to the staffed office would help. We will have luggage.
  2. I have looked at a lot of YouTube videos about the gare Lyon and it looks like we can get from train level to subway line 14 via escalators. Can someone confirm.
  3. I can't figure out the escalators in Madeleine station. Arriving on line 14, can we get to street level via escalators or elevator? I "think" there is an elevator coming up on left side of church. We would want to get to the Madeleine hotel area.
  4. If we decide to just taxi from Gare de Lyon to Madeleine station area, where is taxi rank?

We have some old paper single use metro tickets to use for Sunday.


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Q 3: There are both an escalator and an elevator at the Madeleine station. Because left depends on which way you are facing, I can’t say if it puts you on the left side of the church but I can tell you that you get to it by following the signs for Sortie 1 and it puts you above ground near 22 Place de la Madeleine.

Q 4: The taxi stand is outside the front of the station — just follow the signs.

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On Q1, normally yes. Hard to miss if you get to the metro from Hall 3 (the usual way following signs to Line 14). Do not walk all the way out of the northern end of the historic station: take escalators downstairs that will direct you.

On Q2, yes, from Hall 3.

On Q4, there is another one at the far western end of Hall 3, in 90% of cases it is much faster to reach than the one outside the historic station. it is well signposted, I used it just a few hours ago!

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  1. You may purchase Navigo Découverte cards, configure them with name and photo, and load a weekly pass valid Monday through Sunday. You can also do this later, as you already have métro tickets. Be very careful of pickpockets in crowded areas, including train stations.

  2. Yes, but there is more than one, depending upon the exit you want. There are hotels in all directions.

  3. If you walk out the front of Gare de Lyon, the taxis on the left (south side) are already reserved and waiting for their passengers. You’ll want those on the right.