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Paris Food Tours - Any recommendations?

Hi All,

Still planning for our spring trip to Paris. We have been enjoying food tours and/or cooking classes as of late (tons fo fun in Rome and Sicily right before covid). Any recommendations for either in Paris? Will be there late March/Early April. I found a few food tours that sounded great, but looking for anyone who experienced first hand. Probably leaning more towards the tours this time (Although when I was working in Paris in 2011/2012, company had a Christmas party Food cooking class that was fantastic).

We rented an apartment in the Marais, and thinking or one there. Although see several in Monmartre and Latin Qtr that look good as well.


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My wife, adult daughters and I took the “Devour” food tour through different locations in the Marais last month. Jess was our extremely personable and fun guide. She took us through seven different locations in about three and a half hours. Great fun and money well spent. Wonderful to have a local guide!

Here is a Youtube link that gives you an idea of the tour.

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I highly recommend Secret Food Tours Paris, they offer tours in different neighborhoods. Our tour was in Montmartre, and we basically learned how Parisians shop for food, going to the baker which included a tour of the Boulangerie and seeing how they make the baguettes , the cheese shop, the meat shop, the chocolate shop, the wine shop collecting foods along the way, looking at restaurant windows to decipher all the stickers and how you use them when choosing a restaurant, which all culminated in a picnic sort of meal with all the foods we had gathered. Our tour guide "PJ" was wonderful and we felt like we had made a friend, he had gone to University in America and spoke excellent English. Small groups, lots of walking, learning about the history, also the guide explained that because you just shop for a few days at a time you are walking the neighborhood, and you "know" the shopkeepers and they know you, you see your neighbors doing the same and become familiar with each other and the pulse of the neighborhood. He also talked about sourcing food and how the food purchased is either produced on site or sourced within a certain mile radius, the shop knows the suppliers, they have been to the farms etc. It was all very eye opening and I had a lot of "aha" moments, which really changed my view of Parisians and I felt more in tune to what was happening around me after that tour. We plan on doing more of these in different neighborhoods next time we go. It was more of an experience than a tour.

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I've booked one through Tours By Locals. I have no first hand experience with them but reviews are good. They also offer a "cancel for any reason" option for an additional fee. Even without that option, you can cancel within 15 days for a full refund. I've booked with the same company in Lyon.
I really wanted to do a Devour tour but for four people they were very expensive and, even after emailing them directly, they didn't really offer a lot of flexibility with the itinerary for dietary restrictions. I think they have their route and don't really veer from that. I know they are great (been following James and Yoly's YouTube channel for a few years), and I wanted to support them but couldn't justify the difference in cost.

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I’ve taken about half a dozen cooking classes with Cookn with Class and they have all been excellent. In particular, their market class will take you to the market and various shops in the vicinity of their school where you will buy the ingredients for your meal.

I’ve also taken a class with La Cuisine which was very good. They also offer various walking tours, although I have not taken a walking tour with them.

I took a food tour with Paris by Mouth which was fine, but I learned a lot more in the combined market and cooking class that I took with Cookn with Class. It could have just been the particular guide that I had.

Paris Walks offers a chocolate tour from time to time. It is good and reasonably priced.

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hey hey Glenn
so many to research and choose from, it’s your decision.
Laura has mentioned a few I was going to.
we did a tour in Florence and really enjoyed
fun having a meal in someone’s house in Amsterdam expensive paris food tour
while in Paris our landlord/agent made a list and map for us and away we went, that’s was fun and different
love the cooking classes we took in Italy and watching behind glass of cooks/chefs in Paris.
go for it and enjoy!

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I too loved Secret Food Tours! I did both Marais and Montmartre…. Both were fantastic. I did like that our “gathering” in Montmartre was in a cellar, as opposed to a cafe in Marais. Plenty of food and wine. Don’t eat beforehand!

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I’ll add another vote for Secret Food Tours. In 2019 we did the Montmartre tour, and it was great. I forget the name of the young lady that led the tour, but she made an effort to include types of the foods we might never have tried before. After stops at many shops with some samples along the way, she brought us to a tiny wine bar, empty except for the 10 of us, to feast on all the food she had bought at each stop. Lots of food and lots of wine (with non-alcoholic beverages available.) When we finished there, she brought us to a chocolate shop where we could choose a few pieces, and finally to a crepe maker, where we selected what kind we wanted and it was made for us on the spot. We decided to walk the 2 miles back to our hotel!

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Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions, I will research these! Looks like Secret Food tours only doing Monmartre and not the Marais at the moment.


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Good morning! Try and email Secret Food Tours. Sometimes they may open up another tour. Enjoy your time in the City of Light!!!

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We did Paris by Mouth Taste of the Left Bank in Fall 2019 and I would highly recommend any of their tours. We have taken many food tours and this was definitely one of the best. They do things a bit differently. You get snacks at the various stops, but along the way the guide is also shopping. The last stop on this tour was a wine shop. We were lead to a small basement room, seated at a table and proceeded to have a leisurely wine tasting along with the various foods the guide had purchased along the way. It was a small group and really wonderful.

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Hey there, I know you said first-hand but I'll add No Diet Club ( They seem to have a lot of Paris tour options. We just did a Bordeaux tour with them (Sept. 2021) and it was really good. I'm food-obsessed, and I research to death all the eating options in any city, but it was nice to just wander behind someone who was chatting away about whatever neighborhood we happened to be in. I tried to remember the stops -- maybe 8? In any case, it was a ton of food and the guide was really quick to adapt on the fly when neither of my teenagers wanted any part of moules-frites, and someone else wasn't into chipirons a la plancha.