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Paris Food Lover's Guide App for iPhone

In preparing/researching for an upcoming trip to Paris, my attention was called to a book by food writer/food critic Patricia Wells entitled 'The Food Lover's Guide to Paris'. Apparently, it is now in its 5th edition and among the best such guides available, if you rely on the reviews on Amazon. com. The app for iTunes was just released (2014) and looked pretty amazing. Have any readers of this forum actually used the app? Would you recommend it? I dread having to carry yet another book in my backpack!

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Robert, I don't know about the App for the Patricia Wells book, but I do have the book, and it is interesting and somewhat useful-I have noted a few spots we'd like to try that I had not seen elsewhere. Many of her favorite spots are somewhat pricy-well above the 25-35 euro range that works fine for a lot of folks. I certainly would not consider bringing it with me. I think doing the work ahead of time, making notes and adding to your itinerary, and perhaps bringing along a small guide is the way to go. Between websites such as Hungry for Paris, David Lebovitz, Alexander Lobrano, and Yelp, one can get a very good picture of a given restaurant or cafe or wine bar, etc. A good guide, that I feel make sense to bring, is Andy Herbach's Eating and Drinking in Paris.

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I have the Patricia Wells' app and it is great, especially if you are in a particular neighborhood and don't want to chance eating just anywhere. She categorizes by arrondisment as well as many other ways to find that perfect place to dine.

I would highly recommend it.