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Paris during World Cup final

I'm planning a trip to take my 15 y.o. niece to Europe in early July (her first time). We had planned for 3 days in Paris, which I've now realize overlaps with the women's World Cup semi-finals and final. These matches are not in Paris but I'm wondering what the impact will be in Paris. Will the regular sites be open? Public screens set up for viewing? I know there were some issues on the Champs Elysees following last year's men's world cup finals. Any crowd or safety issues we should anticipate? Overall, I'm trying to figure out if we are good to go, should change our itinerary to be there different dates or go somewhere else entirely.

Thanks for your assistance!

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I was in France when they hosted and loss in the final against Portugal in the Eurocup 2016. All the regular sites were open. There may be public screens set up and rallies. Just stay away from the crowds (you still have to watch yourself on the Champs Elysees anytime it is so touristy that all the pick pockets are there). And it is possible that French team will not make it that far.

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There will probably be a few places where there are huge screens set up for viewing. The only “issues” on the Champs-Elysees during the men’s World Cup were a million fans gathering to celebrate the night of the victory and then for the parade a few days later.

It remains to be seen (as in most countries) whether the fan base is as big or devoted for women’s sport as it is for men’s if the French team makes it that far in the tournament.