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Paris Disneyland

I admit to being a Disney freak, and wonder if Paris Disney is worth the trouble to get there and spend a chunk of money on it. Any information I should know about? Thanks

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I don't think ANY of the Disney Parks are worth the trouble and definitely not worth the chunk of money required. For the life of me I've never been able to understand why ANYBODY would go to Paris and waste time at Disney.

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I grew up in SoCal and spent most of my childhood, into my adulthood and know at 50 going to and enjoying the original Disneyland. DisneyWorld is on my list of places to go to as well. When in Paris in Oct 2014, I made it a point to check out Paris Disneyland, figured Why Not. It was set up for Halloween and not very crowded. I enjoyed walking around it for the day, it was my day of arrival, I landed at CDG at 08:00, dropped off my bags at the hotel and took the RER-A out there. Thunder Mountain is better than the one at Buena Park & the Haunted Mansion or Phantom Manor is set up differently, but still enjoyable. The food wasn't that good, but folks have said the new area with the Ratatouille ride has decent food, the area was still under construction when I was there. A Paris themed area in Paris Disneyland, go figure. I'm heading back to Paris in 37-days, but won't be visiting it again, my girlfriend isn't into Disneyland, she is a Universal Studios freak. Currently some of the rides & areas are down for repairs and upgrades, getting ready for their 25th Anniversary next April. I did not go to the Disney Studio next door.

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Euro Disney is Europe's most popular attraction, and since you are a Disney freak go for it!. Vacation's across the pond shouldn't just be cathedrals and art museums:)
Be aware that there are two parks with separate admission: Disneyland Paris (similar to Magic Kingdom) and the Disney Studios park. The studio's park has more of the high-adrenaline rides like Tower of Terror, and Rockin Roller Coaster.

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If you are a Disney freak, I can't imagine you going to Paris and not taking one day to see Disney Paris. You are no doubt used to spending the chunk of money! In many, many trips to Paris, I spent one day there with one of my kids about 11 years ago. The main park was similar to the Magic Kingdom, but with subtle difference. We just did it as a day trip from Paris and it was easy to do. As long as you have adequate time to see Paris too... I probably wouldn't do it unless I had at least 4 whole days in Paris, or had been to Paris many times. I am probably not a Disney freak, but I enjoy the parks and the rides and I thought it was a fun day.

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For a true Disney fan there should not be any question :-)

The Disneyland Paris Resort is actually 2 parks - Disneyland Paris (DLP) and Walt Disney Studios Paris - so your first decision is whether you want to visit both of them - which isn't really possible in one day.

There are plenty of web sites devoted to Disney so your best bet is to use them to find out the latest Disney info:
DLPGuide is devoted to DLP
The DIS boards have plenty of folks that answer direct questions.

Getting from downtown Paris to DLP is straight-forward using the Metro and then a local train - but it takes about 40 minutes if I remember properly (we started at a Metro station near Notre Dame de Paris). DLP has it's own station so it's like arriving at the esplanade at Disneyland when you exit the train.

There are a number of differences between DLP and either Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom (MK) in WDW so visiting DLP is a different experience (beside the shows being in French :-). The park is roughly the size of the MK and has about the same number of attractions. It will take a full day to see everything - especially if you watch any of the shows - which are large WDW style stage shows. There is a full slate of parades and fireworks shows as well. If you enjoy a day at either Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom you will enjoy a day at DLP - I especially enjoyed Buzz speaking French...

Hollywood Studios Paris is an analog to Hollywood Studios at WDW - if you decide to spend another day at DLP.

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Follow Up: If you do decide to go, you have to go under the Castle. The entrance is to the Left, facing it from Main Street, if I remember. The Dragon's Lair is under the Castle and should not be missed.

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As a fellow Disney fan, I recommend going. We've been twice and enjoyed it both times :) Listening to the pre- ride spiels in French, seeing the differences and similarities between Paris and WDW/Disneyland in Ca.
We bought the 2 park day pass and did our favorite things in each park (both times were 1 day trips). Of course ticket prices have gone way up since our first trip in 2005 (39€ for a 2 park in 1 day pass) I can't remember what the price was in 2011.
It is easy to get to and from, from the city.
Def go in the bottom of the castle :)

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We have been a couple of times...nothing like Mickey speaking french!

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I'm a Disney freak too and I really wanted to go. But I'm also a Europe freak, so I debated about it. I had a week in Paris, and I decided I could devote one day to Disney. It was a bit of culture shock to go from Paris to Disneyland, buy I adjusted and had a great time. I'm still glad I went.

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I have always enjoyed Disney (until the current management style). I have gone and I was glad I did. Once was enough and I skipped the studios. It's a visually beautiful park with completely inedible food. I spent about 6 hours and that was plenty of time.

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Brilliant! I love Bruce's photos -- they reminded me of going to Disneyland as a 5 year old. I couldn't read the signs then either.

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This definitely is a polarizing issue with rarely someone in the middle.
I went back and forth and decided to take one day away from Paris and go to Disney on a trip later this year, not for me cause I am more of a Disney hater than Disney freak, but more as a reward to our 3 1/2 year old daughter that is coming with us on our European trip and will be doing mostly all mom and dad things otherwise. She has not gone to the FL or CA locations.

It is expensive, but a little less so than the US parks. You can save some money going mid weak during low season and purchasing in advance on Disney Paris's website, called a mini ticket ; but only valid on their "slower" days.
It is easier to get to than the US parks (if you are already staying in Paris)

I cannot imagine why anyone would stay at a resort hotel and/or visit for more than 1 day though personally as Paris has so much to offer and there are also a handful of worthwhile other day trips that can be done from Paris.

I am not sure if I should get 1 day, 1 park tickets or 1 day, 2 park tickets though, cost is about $10 difference x 3 for us.
Anyone with advise on that, most people don't like Studios but seems they have improved that park recently and most reviews are before the improvements. Also have heard some places the studios is better for action/roller coasters and others saying studios has more rides for preschoolers so hose 2 are kind of opposite. My daughter will be afraid to go on more rides than her height would allow her to go on I believe so need to stick to the easy ones.

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If you are visiting with a 3 1/2 year old, stick to the Disneyland Paris park; it's got more kiddie rides. The Studios park is designed mostly to cater to teens and adults.

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I went a few years ago. My experience was obviously different. It was pretty run down and nothing like anything in Florida or California BUT I'm glad I went. My sister is a Disney fan and we had been to Paris multiple times so it was a 'why not' activity. Just keep an open mind. If you want a descent meal, absolutely reserve before you go. Resort guests get first rights so be sure to do it as soon as you pick a date. Otherwise you will be subjected to a 45 minute line for wet inedible pizza with a side of melted yogurt slop.

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Ok, hubby and I love Disney. We have been to Walt Disney World in Florida 14 times. Love it.

Last October we added 2 days to see Disneyland Paris. The first day we did the studios. We were so disappointed. We kept waiting for it to get better. Nothing wowed us at all. The food was the worst ever, rides boring and no razzle dazzle. Even my mom was really bored.

That night my mom got extremely ill so we never made it to the Magic Kingdom. I think that might have been better.

My advice is if you go, be prepared for it not being anywhere close to what you are used to. Maybe just do Magic Kingdom.

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I've been a lifelong Disney fan with my first visit to Disneyland in 1957. I have a Premier Annual Pass, good for both California and for Florida. I own Disney Vacation Club timeshares on both coasts and as the flights that I've booked for my Great Britain cruise next month leave from LAX and I'm in San Francisco, I've added 2 nights at Disneyland before we fly to Gatwick.

I haven't been to DLP in 10 years or so, and my thought about it at that time was "where's the where?" Yes the underdungeon of the castle is fantastic, but the rest was pretty ho hum to me, and to the cast members I interacted with, ie they couldn't be bothered. I just don't think it's worth it unless you've got plenty of extra time and money.

Having said all that, I'm heading back in September but only because the marketing geniuses are having a Half Marathon and will be awarding a "castle to Chateau" medal to those of us who are fool enough to throw all of our money at Disney. Were it not for the fact that I've got a lot of running friends making the trip, (and that extra medal being dangled in our faces) I'd easily pass on Disneyland Paris.

One of the things that totally annoyed me about it in the first place was that from the beginning they said that the way they'd deal with the language issues was that they'd present the stories/attractions in the language in which they were originally written, ie Pinocchio in Italian, and I was fine with that, but then I went on the Peter Pan ride and it was in French, WHAT!!!! JM Barrie was an Englishman and the royalties from Peter Pan go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. oh you lost me there DLP.