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Paris Catacombs: Expensive entry fees (Is it worth it?)

Hi All,
I am creating the itinerary for my trip to Paris this September. This will be my 3rd trip, and my plan is to try to see a few new things. I've not been to the Paris Catacombs; however, I definitely have a natural curiosity to view them. I'm finding that the entry tickets are quite expensive $90+ (this price is both for purchase on the Catacomb's main website, as well as outside tour companies such as Trip Advisor, Viator, or Get Your Guide). Is it worth it? I am willing to pay higher prices if the answer is yes. Or, does anyone have info about discounted rates to this venue?

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What are you looking at? I just bought two tickets for two people on the official website and it cost me €30 a person. It’s nowhere near $90

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In a word: No. I was just there a couple weeks ago and, like yourself, had not visited the Catacombs on prior trips. I had no real interest in going but I had my two teenage daughters with me and they really wanted to go (tickets much cheaper for them). It wasn't worth the steep ticket price, honestly. It doesn't help that I'm claustrophobic, but even once I'd gotten over my anxiety about being underground, the experience just wasn't that moving: most of it is just walking through a tunnel, and the actually bone area is over relatively quickly. I honestly had way more fun at Disneyland Paris, which is overpriced and overrated for other reasons :)

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Hi there,

Not sure how you calculate the 90$ figure (unless there are at least two more persons with you). On the Paris official website they list the prices as follows:

'Queuejumper' ticket: €29 (with audioguide)
Children's ticket: €5 (without audioguide)

On-the-door ticket: €13 (concessions €11)

Catacombs + Archaelogical crypt: €17 (concessions €14)

Even at 29 euros, it comes to about 33$USD a far cry from the 90$ you mention. That being said I've never visited the catacombs, so I'm afraid I can't really comment on it.

Hope you have a pleasant trip.

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Thanks for the help everyone I just pulled up the true site on my phone and I see the cheaper (more reasonable) prices. My desk top seems to be directing me to a secondary dealer with a homepage that gives the impression of being their main site (UGH!!!)
Thanks for the info and helpful tips!

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A major annoyance of the internet is sites that appear to be official sites but aren't and google lets them buy front list status, so they are the first thing you see. I have accidentally booked hotels through third party sites and almost got official documents that way thinking I had the real deal.

It is worth it I think if you want to see the catacombs to buy the skip the line tickets directly from the site for about 3 times what a walk up ticket costs. Every time recently I have walked by this place, the line has been blocks long. When we went years ago, there was no line at all, but it has oddly become crazy popular in the last few years. Here is what you get: