Paris-Bordeaux-Burgandy-French Basque Country


My husband and I along with friends, another couple, are invited to a wedding in Bordeaux on August 2nd. We'd like to make a trip out of it for about 10 days with the wedding being our last stop. We were thinking a couple of days in Paris (possible pit stop in Loire valley) and Bordeaux and then splitting the rest of our time between Burgandy and/or Basque Country. Is this over ambitious? We would love any itinerary and logistical getting around suggestions!

Thanks in advance!!

Posted by Ed
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'and' is. 'or' isn't.

Pick one. Your choice.

Posted by Sharon
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It sounds too ambitious to me. If you don't already have your plane tickets, I'd consider a few options:

1) Skip Paris this trip and fly into Bordeaux. Spend time there and the French Basque region--you could even spend some time in Dordogne.

2) Fly into Paris and spend 3 or 4 days, then spend the rest of your time in Bordeaux and French Basque region.

3) Travel to the Burgundy region after a few days in Paris, then go directly to Bordeaux for the wedding but, it seems to me that Burgundy is out-of-the way for this trip.

Just some thoughts...

Posted by Dick
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Paris to Loire to Basques to Bordeaux. Save Burgundy for the next trip. Fly open-jaw, into Paris and home from Bordeaux, if you can. It's still a lot of ground to cover in ten days, I think. I'd suggest driving after you're done in Paris.

Posted by Deanna
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Dick, my husband and I are considering a similar trip - is it easier to fly into Paris and out of Bordeaux or the other way around? Just wondering if Paris has any extra departure taxes like Heathrow or if logistics are harder in one direction? Thanks!