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Paris-Bayeux Train Schedule Update

There have been a couple topics here regarding the track work that interrupted the direct Paris-Bayeux trains from Mar 3 through April 17.

For all those who this was an issue, it seems that as of sometime this week the French have changed what they are doing here, the track-work schedule changed, and this train is back on full daily schedule, with tickets for these trains now on sale on SNCF, Prems tickets priced at 15 Euro. This must have just happened as this is not yet reflected on DB Bahn's schedules.

This is unfortunately too late to help us, as we went through some hoops, rescheduled our Overlord Tour to one day later (incredibly helpful staff), dropped the first day of our B and B in Bayeux (Le Petit Matin, no charge, just some communication issues), took a night in the Caen Ibis and and last week purchased the much costlier train tickets through Le Mans and switch to local to Caen from there. Our big problem was we were already booked on Eurostar arriving at 13:50, and could no longer get to Bayeux that night in the manner we wanted unless we could make a 14:49 local combo. Any delays on the Eurostar and we were hosed, no other trains would get to Bayeux that day after that. FWIW, if we were booking that entire trip from London via SNCF, they were not not offering that combination (local to Bayeux, change Rouen, change Caen) with the just under 1 hour connection.

But that said, since there was a bunch of posting on this, perhaps this information will be of help to some others who have not committed to the work-around trains. (And I will admit to being guilty of double-posting and also put this in the Transportation Forum.)

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