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Paris Archeological Crypt, post ND fire

I am going to be in Paris next week and was hoping to go to the Paris Archeological Crypt. Since the Notre Dame fire, it is showing as closed (because of the fire) but I can find no other info about it. I realize it is under the square in front of Notre Dame, but it does not seem like it should have been impacted by the fire, unless there is some sort of underground connection. It also appears they are selling tickets to some sort of private tour of the crypt one day a month on the Paris Musees site (, but it appears to be in French and is not available when I am there. Just curious if there is anyone that has been there since the fire and knows what is going on with it.

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It is not open. It does appear that a tour has been arranged for one day in June. but that whole area is blocked off and this area cannot be approached now by individuals.