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Paris and London in 14 days

I am planning a first time trip to Paris and London in the middle of May. How many days should I plan for each city and should I include other sites?

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welcome Tennisdmd,

without knowing what you like to do/see/experience its difficult to say. I can spout off a list, but then you may come back that you dont like museums or something else.

So, if you can giveup some things that floats your boat, you can get a better idea from the replys.

This is just how my trip to both places worked out in 2012, but i was able to do/see all or most of the things i wanted to do in 4 full days in each city. No side trips outside of the city either.

Im sure others will chime in as to where you should go, so i will let them do that.

Happy trails.

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I would plan a week for each. Fly into London and home from Paris. If you have seen what you want in each city there are plenty of day trip opportunities from both.

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We are also doing London and Paris in May! We are staying 6 nights in London and 7 in Paris. I rented apartments in both cities so we feel more like we live there than with a hotel. I have a packed itinerary, seeing as much as we can in our time frame. We will do a one day trip out of London, probably Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge as well as a one day to Versailles while in Paris. Other than that, I want to just soak it all in, visit a few museums in both cities, pubs in London and cafés in Paris. I'm super excited about it and wish you happy travels too!

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I like London very much,, been 4 times and going again this summer,, but I love Paris and always seem to find much more to do and see in Paris, plus there are so many interesting daytrips from Paris..
With 2 weeks I would be tempted to do the 6/8 day split with Paris getting the extra day.. but you really should think about what YOU would like to do.. some people just feel naturally more interested in one place or the other..

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I spent 8 nights in Paris and 8 in London in 2012. That was a good amount of time because it allowed me to see a lot without feeling rushed. I took a day trip to Versailles from Paris and to Canterbury from London.

What do you want to do in these cities? Once you create a list, you'll get an idea of how much time you'll need. I plan at most two activities per day (i.e. Louvre in the morning/afternoon and Seine river cruise in the evening) so that I don't have to rush, and I have time just to explore a neighborhood and window-shop if that's all I want to do.

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Diana, are you intending to do Bath, Stonehenge, etc. in a day? You'll find yourself extremely rushed if you try that.

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If budget is a concern, it is less expensive to stay in Paris than in London.

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I second Normas comment.. I really struggled to find accomadation under 100 GBPs a night in London.. basic, clean with a bathroom .. nothing fancy.. but I found same with a/c in Paris for less than that.

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Just split your time in 1/'ll get a great sense of each city by doing this. The both have great day trips but since you only will have 6 days or so in each I would limit one side trip to each city.
Side trips I like...
Paris - Vaux le Vicomte, Versailles (of course), Chartres, Giverny
London - Hatfield House, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Oxford
Have fun planning!