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PacSafe Travel Bags

Has anyone purchased or used the PacSafe travel bags. I am wondering if they are a good investment or not.

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My wife got one from Costco one year. It got returned.

I thought it was quite heavy, but she was not bothered by that.
She didn't like that the pockets were not the right size ( too small) for what she wanted to put in it.

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I use a Travelon variation every time I travel. I like them a lot.

Some people will say not to bother, but I think it's worthwhile, because it would be a lot more or a hassle to lose identification or credit cards while overseas.

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Safe purses come up oh, pretty much every week. This website has a search function, and you may also want to review the Packing forum. I know others like the sense of security from having the bag. I am one of those that doesn't use them, but I do adapt personal purses for a little more security in cities where warranted. I also am a solo global traveler :-)

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I want my purse to be as light as possible, so PacSafe is a big No for me. It is, I admit, a pain in the patootie to lose a credit card when traveling, but all but one of my incidents in Europe were due to my leaving a card behind somewhere, with no theft involved. The pickpocketing incident occurred when I had my purse unzipped, switching glasses, so that wasn't the fault of my cheap, lightweight purse, either. The tap-to-pay process makes loss of a card less likely, too.

This is totally a matter of personal priorities and willingness to spend money, I think.

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We have a Pacsafe crossbody bag which we used on two trips to Europe. It was heavy to carry and someone said that they really identify you as a tourist. We have now done two subsequent European trips (including two stays in Barcelona) with an ordinary crossbody bag and valuables in our front zip pockets or the hotel safe and we prefer that.

The Pacsafe bag now gets passed around the extended family and its next trip will be to India with a backpacking niece later in the year.

We have the older model of this one as it fits an iPad and was unisex enough in appearance that my husband was happy to carry it.

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I use both travelon and pacsafe. I like both companies. These are my everyday purses, too. I like the organization and security at home and abroad. I don’t think they are particularly heavy. They are mostly to protect me from me… That being said, next week I will be using my crossbody daysafe on the Camino for my important stuff. this

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my life got better when I realized women didn't have to be pack mules on trips and that is was not necessary to lug anything you might ever need around all day. Used to take a huge bag, now I get by with a tiny envelope purse attached to my phone purse -- wear it cross body and it is well under my control in any crowded situation -- it carries the tiny handful of things I actually need walking around including my passport at airports (which are in the hotel safe or apartment otherwise).

Being safe from pickpockets is about behavior not heavy 'secure' bags. Don't carry stuff you don't need to carry. Keep cards, money, ID in cross body purse or for guys in neck wallets under the clothes.

If we are day tripping and need that extra sweater, water bottle etc, then we take a day pack and take turns carrying it. Around town we don't carry a bunch of extra unnecessary stuff.

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This bag is what I carried earlier this month. It's larger than I needed or would have preferred, but that was due to a mistake in a gift registry many years ago and no return policy. I definitely did not have it as stuffed as the one on the model and it was pretty useful for carrying a small wallet, umbrella, a few snacks, and water bottle, and also didn't need to get a bag usually for any smaller purchases (and carried a folding reusable bag if I bought anything larger). I loved the pockets on the sides for water bottles (speaking of water bottles, when is the US going to adopt the flip top cap? I loved those!!!) It was also useful on the flight over, as I carried my travel CPAP in it so it was a medical bag for that purpose. I didn't find it any heavier than any other purse I've owned.

Funnily enough, I have always recommended TravelOn bags to friends and families for years, even bought a couple for Christmas gifts this year for those that are traveling soon, and it wasn't until I started packing this bag that I realized it was actually a PacSafe. I used a much smaller TravelOn bag on my previous trip out of the country, borrowed from my SIL, and I preferred the smaller size.

Kohl's frequently has really good sales on these bags so I'd look there first. I think their "Friends and Family" discount event is going on now too.

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I carry a Bagalinni cross body that's big enough to hold my 32 oz Camelbak waterbottle (but I rarely use it for that). For my deep storage, I use a bra wallet, not my crossbody. Haven't had any issues.

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I have a large crossbody travelon bag, and can’t decide if it will make our June trip to France.

It’s quite heavy and larger than I need. On the other hand, the zipper locks and slashproof fabric is nice & comforting to have.

It’s just not elegant in any way and says TOURIST. If I could do it again, I would buy a much smaller one.

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I truly admire PacSafe..... they took fear mongering to a new level and are making a fortune!

Do you need a safe, NO, but they have convinced everyone that "you have to buy the 'slashproof' purse because once a decade ago someone got their purse slashed (which I think is one of those urban legends) or you need it because someone might try to snatch your purse off you body while riding by on a motorcycle (it will be so much safer to be drug into the street and hit because your strap does not break)

Oh and they are RFID blocking... One of the great fear mongers of all times! Yeah if someone is STANDING ON YOUR FOOT they can possibly read you card. This is a NON EXISTENT risk (do some research) And even if it worked why would a criminal bother... let's see I can spend money on a scanner and stand on a random corner and hope I get lucky or I can take that same cash to the darkweb and get not only your credit card number but all your demographic info and maybe your SS#... plus that of a lot of your friends and neighbors!

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I really enjoy my pacsafe backpack. The size is good and I like that I can lock the zippers to slow down pick pockets in higher risk locations.

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I have both PacSafe and Travelon purses but on our last trip to Europe (that didn't include France) I left them home and used a compact black leather purse.
Being aware of your surroundings is critical even wearing "theft-resistant" bags. In fact, I wonder if thieves might actually target pack-safers which advertise us as tourists.

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yeah someone actually said on a thread recently that they wouldn't wear a bandolier or similar telephone cross body case because 'THEY will slash the strap' -- In 63 years of European travel I have never met anyone who has had a strap cut or a bag slashed. I am sure somewhere sometime it happened, but it just isn't something to worry about. It isn't about the hardware; it is about the behavior and the common sense.

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MariaF is this about PacSafe travel bags or purses?

First header I can remember saying PacSafe Travel Bags.

Anyway, for at least 15 years I've used a PacSafe pouch a bit larger than a passport and about 1 1/2" thick. Been on maybe 30 trios to Europe + Asia + Africa + Central America and still looks good. Holds all my pocket stuff from the house to my accommodations in Europe including passport and cell phone. Hangs off a wire cable with a cloth cover and works cross body. Makes airport security a breeze. In Europe I rarely use it except in sketchy locations.

Then I went out and bought a larger bag, about IPad size but its so heavy and stiff I think I may have used it once. But if you are all freaked out over theft. They are the ultimate.

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I have one PacSafe purse and several Travelon purses and bags in different sizes. I prefer Travelon as I like the locking mechanism on them better than the one on PacSafe. I don't expect that any one would try to cut the straps but I do like the extra layer of protection that I feel the Travelon provides against pickpockets.

Also, someone mentioned that Kohl's is a good place to buy Travelon items and that is true. I've purchased most of mine from Kohl's on sale and was able to use a 20% or 30% off coupon in addition to the sale price.