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Overlord Tours in Normandy?

Has anyone used Overlord Tours to tour the D-Day beaches, etc? Their website indicates that they do a very complete full-day tour; just wondering if it is as good as it sounds. Thanks.

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I used Bayeux Shuttle and really enjoyed it. They use the drive on the otherwise boring motorway stretches to show you videos with overview information and have partnered with an organization of veterans and also show some clips of interviews with vets. My guide Charles, was very friendly and knowledgeable. I saw people on Overlord Tours at the same stops and they picked up at the same place in Bayeux. I'm sure they are quite good as well.

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There are numerous threads which mention Overlord, use the search box at the top of the page, just enterOverlord Tour.

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We did in fact do the full-day American tour with Overlord this past April and it was fantastic. Can not recommend it enough. Our guide was Yannick, IIRC, and he was wonderful.He gave us a very full and informative day, we were not back at Place de Quebec until almost 6:30. The staff was also excellent when in December we found that due to train schedule changes (which ultimately SNCF undid the following month) we could not make it to Bayeux Tuesday night as planned and thus could not readily make our scheduled Wednesday morning tour. no problem, they rescheduled us for Thursday, all accomplished via e-mail.

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We used Overlord Tours summer 2012 and second what Larry says about their quality. Our guide was Julian.

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We used Overlord Tours in 2013 and did the full day tour and it was the best.The pick up point was 300 feet from our Hotel, the Churchill in Bayeux,really liked it.

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We have used Overlord Tours and they are very good. We have also used Dale Booth and thought he was great! Having used both I would go with Dale. He is very knowledgable, personable and entertaining.

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We did the all day tour of American beaches with Overlord a couple of years ago in late October. We were staying at the Churchill hotel which is just around the corner from the pick up point. There were about a dozen people on a bus that probably holds about 20 or so. It was great sitting back and not having to work out the route ourselves -- the guide was knowledgeable and it was just the right amount of time and variety for us. Our only negative was that it was a Sunday and instead of a decent small cafe for lunch we ended up being taken to a highway rest stop with very few options -- just sort of disgusting microwaved sandwiches -- truly awful. It was like eating at a US gas station. Other than that it was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

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This past July, I did the half-day (afternoon) tour of the D-Day beaches and the all day tour to Mont St. Michel with Bayeux Shuttle and was very pleased with both. I believe you won't go wrong with whatever company you pick. You can make reservations now for next spring and summer with Bayeux Shuttle and I think their prices have a small discount for booking early. They also leave from behind the Churchill Hotel. Our guides did drop off the folks headed back to Paris on time at the train station on both tours.

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We recently toured the beaches with a private guide that I would highly recommend. Super easy to work with, speaks perfect English and very responsive to your interests. Went out of his way to do some research for us, and our tour was phenomenal. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. The guide is Sylvain Kast and website is below:

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I took a tour with them this past summer and thought they did a great job. The guide was very well informed and conveyed a good sense of what happened that day.

The only thing I'd add to previous posts is they have a kinda funky sign-up process. Unlike booking a hotel or something online where you fill out the form and you're done, here you fill out a form and get an email back about whether your request is accepted, then you have to reply to that in order to actually reserve a spot. Check your spam filter if you don't hear back from them, it may be lost.

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I took the Overlord Tour this summer (full-day) and it was great.