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Orly Airport transfer to paris

My wife and I will be flying into Paris on Monday November 27th. can anyone recommend a transport service into central Paris? I don't want to fight the crowds on early Monday morning after traveling the day before.

thanks, Vaughn

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What crowds would you be fighting? Are you referring to dealing with mass transit? If so, I suggest you take a regular taxi. The fare will be 30€ to any place on the Left Bank and 35€ to any place on the Right Bank for up to four people. I don't know why you would want to pay more for a shared shuttle (it will be 20€ per person on Paris Shuttle) and have the possibility of having others in your van and driving to a bunch of other destinations before getting to yours. If you decide on a taxi, just follow the signs and do not accept any rides from people you pass along the way to the taxi dispatch line.

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I'm planning the Orlyval/RER combo. It's 12 euro and works for me and my small carry on. I've read reviews that if you only get a ticket to Antony, rather than combined 12 euro Val/RER ticket, it's 10 euro and another 10 for RER.

If you have luggage, a taxi is probably your best bet but taxis (and buses) still have to fight traffic.

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A cab is the easiest and there is a fixed fare price as noted. If you do decide to take a cab, make sure you take one from the official taxi stand. When I was there in May, I was met by a crowd of men asking if I wanted a taxi as I walked out the exit door. These are the taxi drivers that may rip you off and not abide by the standard fare. I turned left and found the official taxi stand and took one from there. This is the same for the train stations as well. Always go to the marked taxi stand.

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We also took a taxi. Safe, quiet and you know the cost up front. After a long flight, no thinking, just sit back and ride. It would help a lot if you had the address of where you are going written down so you can give it to the driver. Not all speak English.

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There is absolutely NO reason to book a shared shuttle. A taxi will cost 30 euros or 35 euros as many posters indicated in later messages. No matter how long the trip takes, no matter if you get stuck in traffic - 15 euros a person (or 17.50 if you're staying on the right bank). That's barely more than the public transportation options from the airport, and a lot easier.

Oh wait -- if you want to pay practically the same amount, be forced to find a specific person/driver at a specific time (rather than just joining the taxi line), and then spend your time in Paris dropping off two or three other couples before getting to your hotel, then by all means book a shared shuttle.