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Opera Garnier -self guided or not ?

Any recommendations on the self guided tour or the guided tour at the opera house?
The self guided tours are more flexible since you don't' have an exact time slot.
The guided tours for me has only one time slot that works with my itinerary and its actually not convenient either.
I read on tripadvisor that with the self guided tour you may not be able to get in because of activities and such.
I do not want to pay for the self guided tour and then not be able to get in!

Any tips?
I have to go on Sunday May 3rd. There is a tour at 14:30 and I can also pick a self guided tour, but opening hours are not specified on that day, so I don't know when I can go on my self guided tour on that specific sunday.

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They're saying you may not be able to get into the auditorium on the self-guided tour, and that's true for the guided tours as well. It depends on what's going on (for example, there could be rehearsals in progress). While that would be disappointing, the public areas outside the auditorium are incredible too. I went to a performance last summer, which I suppose is the only way to ensure that you see the auditorium.

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I went through the opera house without a guided tour and enjoyed it very much. It was wonderful to see the performance room, but I also loved seeing the gorgeous architecture inside and the costumes on display.

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So you paid for the self guided tour and just started exploring?
Do I have to book a self guided tour ahead of time? Are there limited tickets?

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“So you paid for the self guided tour and just started exploring?” Yes. We just arrived, purchased the ticket and started exploring the opera building.