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one night between Colmar and CDG

Though a complicated series of circumstances, we find ourselves with one night unplanned at the end of our trip. We will be spending 5 nights in Paris, 3 nights in Reims, 4 nights in Colmar, then have 1 night available before our 13:30 flight out of CDG back to the US. We will have a rental car and currently are scheduled to return it the morning of the flight out, though we can of course return it earlier. One option is to return to Paris the night before the trip home, dropping the car that day. The other option is to stop somewhere mid-way between Colmar and CDG. That is the option I am leaning toward. Obviously, we need to be at CDG no later than 10am, so I don't want to stay too far away to rule out traffic issues. But staying AT CDG essentially wastes an available evening somewhere we have't seen before. So, what would you do? Thanks.

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