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On off buses in Paris

Can anyone recommend an on off bus company in Paris. I'm taking my Mother on a day trip to Paris from London. Trying to decide whether to take one of those guided day trips or just get on bus at Train station.

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Sharon I have taken the L"Open tour bus twice now.. my kids love them.
They do stop at Gare Du Nord so convenient for you.. they have four routes but doubt you could do all four routes in one day unless you never get off and actually visit a sight( I do recommend you choose 2-3 sights to get off and have a quick visit.. obviously the Louvre might not be best choice as big museums can take a few hours , unless of course you really want to ) The buses are bright yellow and green so easy to spot. They stop at all major sites. Becuase they have the four routes you would do best to choose which two are biggest priority . I think the green route is the most important one.. Eiffel Tower , Notre Dame, Louvre Arc De Triomphe etc.
Make sure you allow enough time to get back to Gare Du Nord. The hoho buses are not a fast way to get anywhere.. so allow enough time if you plan to use the hoho to return to station.

Don;t buy ticket ahead of time.. if its raining I would not recommend bothering as the best part of the tour is sitting up on the open top and really enjoying the views as you pass through the neighborhoods... if its raining might as well just take a regular bus or metro.. or..

For just a quick tour Foxity Tours are highly recommended.. i haven't done one but many seem to enjoy them .

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We actually did do all four routes in one day on one visit to Paris. Granted, we were there for longer and had the opportunity to visit wherever we wanted later, but nothing beat being able to see the whole city! So, if you'd rather just sit back and look, it's a pretty good deal!