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Olympics in Paris 2024

I would love love love to go to the Olympics anywhere in Europe or the Americas! But Paris seems doable and reasonable. I know the logistics of getting there and seeing events must be horrendous but if anyone can do it, it would be Rick Steves Tours.

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I would be surprised if RS tours offered a specific tour for the Olympics in 2024, but maybe you will be lucky. I don't see any reason, since you know the dates well in advance, that you can't simply make your own lodging and airplane reservations (the sooner the better).

I did find some tour companies that are offering trips (at a price)

Here is the official site that includes tickets and lodging packages

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You might check out this group on Facebook for advice:
We plan to go and already have booked our lodging and bought tickets for three events. The first round of ticket sales started in February. The second round started this past week. Between now and May is the best time to buy tickets direct, though there will be tickets via resale available eventually too. Sign up for the official Olympics newsletter through the Paris 2024 website to get updates.

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Obtain events tickets as soon as possible. There may be a lottery system, as was true when the World Cup of soccer was played there.

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I belong to the facebook group mentioned and I'm a military wife who lived in Europe for many, many, many years. I run a podcast and have started to talk about the best practical advice that I managed to accumulate from a variety of guide books including Rick Steve's. Especially if you're an American who has never been to Europe before!