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Off the Beaten Track with Willy Ronis

Yes, there are lots of Willy Ronis exhibits, but if before the 11th of September you wanted to make an excursion, at the Palladio style Pavillon Carré de Baudouin at the NW corner of Menilmontant and Pyrenees (#96 bus stop) you could see one truly special because a room is devoted to his photos of Menilmontant -Belleville taken about the same time as the Red Balloon was filmed. Leaving the exhibit, you could walk the network of tiny streets behind the Pavillon to the Parc de Belleville to see what still remains of this area and compare the present with what he photographed. There are many high rises, but there are also rose and wisteria covered cottages, court yards, ateliers and lots of new remodeling blending the now with the older village look. A picnic in the parc de Belleville (now called Willy Ronis park) could finish your trip or you could stop at one of the restaurants on the Belvedere and while eating/drinking, enjoy a view over the highest park in Paris

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We saw a Willy Ronis exhibit at the Monnaie a few years ago and it was terrific. I would really encourage anyone to catch this new exhibit; we certainly plan to do so and it is a very interesting neighborhood.