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Obtain pass sanitaire without original covid vax card

I know the procedure for Americans to obtain the French covid pass is relatively simple. You need to present a passport and the original vaccination certificate in paper format to a participating pharmacy. Unfortunately my original certificate was stolen, so I can no longer provide it as evidence. I do, however, have an official document from the hospital that includes all of the same information; type, dates, Lot #, etc. My question is, will the official document from the hospital suffice, or will I be denied the Pass Sanitaire? It is especially helpful to hear first hand experiences.

Thanks for your help!

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It will be a French pharmacist who determines the validity of the documents you present. Make his job as easy as you can. If you no longer have your original documents, bring what you have.

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Your Covid vaccine shots are part of your medical history, like any other vaccination record. You should be able to get a replacement card by contacting your local health authority (like your county health department) or your state health department. Just google “your city” Covid vaccine card replacement for guidance.

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Vote #2 for contacting your County Health Department!

I'm so sorry your original was stolen. What a PIA. I've had mine in my purse for travel but now thinking I should take it out unless I am actively traveling. I certainly don't need it for anything in N Idaho, lol.