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Notre Dame & The Eiffel Tower

We get in to CDG at Noon the end of May. I'm thinking it will take at least an hour to get through customs. The plan is to get a hotel somewhat close to the either the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower, (I know they are close to each other) check in to a hotel, head for Notre Dame, then have dinner and be at the Eiffel Tower by 7 or so. We fly back out the next day late morning so it is a quick trip.
3 questions
What would you recommend for transportation, do they have uber?
Do we have enough time to accomplish this without feeling rushed?
Can you recommend a mid priced hotel, sleeping there one night, doesn't have to be fancy, just clean?

Also looking for a restaurant recommendation in that area, good food, good service, won't break the bank.


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Use the Metro….

It’s immigration not customs

Hotel Muget ….20 minute walk to Eiffel Tower

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Probably a typo but they are nowhere near each other. Since you have to be back at the airport the next morning, I would get a near hotel near Notre Dame. where you can easily get on the RERB to the airport. so I would get a hotel near Gare du Nord or St. Michele/Notre Dame, drop the luggage and hop on the RER C to Champ du Mars and the Eiffel Tower. Since all you can do at Notre Dame is look at the outside, you can do that before getting on the train to the ET and then again take a stroll along the Seine and around the Cathedral that night.

It will take at least 2 hours to get through immigration and to Paris. Maybe more, but 2 hours is a good guess. Restaurants do not open till 7 or 7:30 so I'd plan to see the ET first and do dinner after.

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I recommend a hotel on Ile St Louis, right bext to Notre Dame. I recommend Hotel de Lutèce, Hotel des Deux Iles and Hotel St Louis en l’Isle. Restaurants don’t open til 7:oo ish but cafés serve food all day. A walk along the river, as janet suggests, would be very nice. It’s about an hour from Notre Dame to the ET along the river by foot if you enjoy walking.

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Consider staying at a hotel on Ile St Louis. We've stayed at Hotel des Deux Iles and will do so again. If you do stay on the island, let us know and we can recommend places to eat. One thing to consider is taking an evening cruise to the Eiffel Tower. Vedettes pont du neuf is a company we have used several times. The departure point is at the end of the island where Notre Dame is located. Very easy to walk to if you stay on Ile St Louis, and that will free up the afternoon for other things. Google them and see if that holds any interest.

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Visiting Notre Dame might be a disappointment right now unless you don't mind the construction. So I'd have a backup plan.

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You can’t go inside Notre Dame but you can still see her from the front, or even better, from the south side of the river.

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Mid priced hotel and hotels on the ile de la Cite may be incompatible statements. Maybe you should give a budget?

I stayed on the island on my last visit... I have to be honest it's actually pretty dead at night now. If I was doing one night, I'd look for someplace with some activity. (Maybe the Latin Quarter?)

Personally I take the RER into the city. I'd skip Uber to and from the airport. Taxis are flat fee and they can use the bus lanes reducing your time in traffic. Once in Paris use the metro.

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Hotel Beaubourg is near Notre Dame, near 2 metro lines and fairly priced and clean. Want a classic Parian’s cafe dinner, eat at Brassiere ille St. Louis. Get gelato spot across the street.

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It’s Ile St Louis, not Ile de la Cité.

The hotels i recommended are mid-range priced for Paris. It’s one night. Staying in the best part of Paris will get you the most value for one night, imo.

We use Uber all the time but locals on this forum have reported Uber is not the best in Paris. Most of us download the G7 Taxi app and use it like Uber. It works well.

The métro is great but it involves a lot of stairs and a lot of walking down long corridors, plus, it’s underground, so you don’t see Paris. I recommend the bus which is super easy and you get to see Paris. I’ve never been in bad traffic where a bus was a negative. Use GoogleMaps or CityMapper for busses or the métro.

This website explains the Passes, you’d be best with an Easy card, i believe. Passes are for bus and métro.

But for only one day, G7 taxis will save you valuable time.

We were just in Dublin, after our yearly month in Paris, and used Uber to get everywhere because we only had 1.5 days and saving time was worth the minimal cost.

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You might try Hotel Signature St. Germain, which is located between ET and Notre Dame. Boutique hôtel, Very reasonable price and absolutely lovely staff. It’s about a 25 minute walk in either direction to ET or ND.

As someone else posted, you could also consider an evening cruise on the Seine. We loved Le Calife … smallish boat and surprisingly decent food, and the views were spectacular.