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Norwegian Air Shuttle Are they refunding?

Hi Everyone,
My RS tour to Loire to the South of France just was canceled. flight into Paris 8/23/20 to Flight out of NIce 9/18/20
So now I am in the midst of canceling reservations. I have made lots of reservations but this is my first time canceling them.

I would really love a full refund from Norwegian Air but as of yet they haven't canceled my flights SFO to CDG and NCE to SFO
As of 6/2/20 per the IATA Travel Regulations Map France is not allowing passengers to enter from non Schengen Member States to enter France. If this is still in place in August they will have to cancel the flight, but maybe not my return flight.

So, I am waiting to let them cancel before I cancel so I can get a refund rather than a credit on a future 2021 flight.
Since this is a low budget airline I figure it may not be around next year if I go for their credit.

So has anyone actually received a refund from Norwegian Air?
Love to hear what others are doing in this crazy time.


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FWIW: A friend had his US to Europe Norwegian flights (to London?) canceled by the airline for April, and he got his full refund in May. He also got full refund from Alitalia for London to Milan return, flights also canceled by the airline. So he came out whole on the deal.

You must wait for the airline to cancel, however. Do not cancel the flights yourself, results in a different treatment entirely. Cancel everything else (hotels, etc).

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I received a full refund from Norwegian for my canceled flights from SFO into Paris and out from Rome in April/May.
I waited for the airlines to cancel even though it was clear that my trip wasn't going to happen.
Norwegian tried to convince me to accept some kind of voucher a couple of times but I said no both times. (This was all done on line.)
It took, I think, 8 and 9 weeks for the 2 credits to appear on my credit card. I didn't ever try to contact them other than responding to their emails.
I think that part of the reason this took so many weeks is that they likely have not hired more people to deal with the onslaught of refunds.
US law requires any airline that flies from or to US soil to refund if asked rather than just issuing vouchers.
So yes, definitely wait for them to cancel.
(You might look occasionally at their website to see if they are still selling seats for your flights.)
If they somehow manage to be flying your routes then, going for the voucher isn't too bad. They recently got a bunch of money from the Norwegian government, I think, so your chances are pretty good that they will still be around.
And good luck! Let us know how it goes for you.