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Normandy Visit

We only have one day to spend in the Normandy area. Which exhibits/areas would offer the most comprehensive experience?
I would like to visit the site of the D-Day invasion. We would also like to experience some of the local ambiance, Perhaps visiting a local Bistro.



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are you interested in cheese (my neighbour's daughter made cheese in Normandy this week), cider, crêpes (next door), rural farming, churches and cathedrals, museums, embroidery, war?

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karl, you got some good replies to your June thread. If you care to say "I will have a car, coming from XXX, leaving for XXX the next early morning", maybe you can get some other useful replies. It's not possible to answer this question without knowing time of year, whether you have a car, whether all you care about is World War II (and not, for example, gardens or oysters or MSM), and whether it is a one-day runout from Paris. (Not recommended here.)

Because the best paid tours book up far in advance, you need to give month and year, as well.

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I second the recommendation of Bayeux, a charming town. It has a nice cathedral, a very old tapestry depicting the Norman invation of England, plenty of good restaurants. It also has a good street market, although I do not know what day(s) it is open. train station (if you are going by train) is quite close to the old part of town. Be aware that the weather can be kind of iffy, depending on what time of year you are there. Peter

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Everything that Calvados said (and hey, with a name/handle like "Calvados....").

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Hello Karl - we were in Bayeux in May and also highly recommend as a good spot for base in Normandy. Le Pommier and Le Reine Mathilde were both excellent for meals and the war museum there was very well done. I would suggest either making a reservation early in the day for supper, or arriving right when they open to get a table. Lots of fabulous shopping and amazing patisseries - check out A La Reine Mathilde on Rue St Jean if you enjoy pastries and sweets!

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Thank you for your response. I was looking at Bayeux for our starting point. You just confirmed my decision.