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Normandy to Cotswold

We are planning to tour the Normandy area of France in mid-September. From there, we would like to go to the Cotswolds area of England, Wondering if someone can advise us on convenient options to travel there? We have already discovered that the 3 hour ferry won't be operating after September 10, so that is not an option.

Posted by CJean
Ontario, Canada
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If there aren't any ferries running that take foot passengers, then I think your fastest option would be taking a train back to Paris, then the Eurostar to London, which would require transferring from St. Lazare station to Gare du Nord. In London transfer from St. Pancras to Paddington for a train to Moreton-in-Marsh. That would take pretty much all day. Since the Cotswolds is a fairly good area, and not a specific place, I picked MiM because of the train station. If you want to base elsewhere, you'd need to make other plans from London.

Hopefully someone knows if there is a ferry option.

Posted by Southam
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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Can you be more specific about which ferry "won't be operating" and where you want to set sail? A quick sample for Britanny Ferries, one of the biggest operators, shows plenty of three-hour trips between Portsmouth and Caen during September, with tickets for foot passengers on sale now. It operates a number of other routes between English and French ports and there are other companies with other ports. I didn't check further but you can start here:

Posted by ldrewes56
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Thank you both for your help and advice.
Thanks to you Southern, for adding the link to the ferries. That was most helpful as we successfully found and booked our trip across the channel.