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Normandy Jeep Tour

I will planning to trip to Normandy in November and would like to to take my sons on a D-Day tour. i was thinking about a jeep tour. Would the weather be a problem? Any recommendations?

We have decided to skip the jeep tour and go with a traditional tour. Can anyone recommend a tour group? I am so looking for a tour to Mont Saint Michel. Thanks so much for the help!

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Are you asking about you driving the jeep or an organized tour using jeeps? Remember Normandy beaches stretch about 50 miles - east to west - and a dozen or more miles behind the beach. I didn't realize how big the area was until we were there. Weather could be cool, if not cold along the beaches and rainy.

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If it's a replica of an Army jeep, remember that they weren't comfortable transport in war and can be both cold and bumpy now. For me, the novelty would wear off after about 10 minutes and I would be wishing for a well-heated, soft-riding car or van.

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Just saying. .. We were in Normandy 4 weeks ago and did a day tour of the D-Day beaches. As our guide (whom we liked) was parking at Omaha Beach, one of those jeep tour jeeps parked next to us. In it was a family of 4 and certainly the kids looked really happy about their experience. We crossed paths with that group several times during the hour or so we were at the beach and the family seemed very engaged by the guide, especially the kids. As a retired teacher, I though their guide was telling really interesting stories with a lot of verve and enthusiasm.

So honestly, I am old and I preferred our guide and his car but I have to say the family on the jeep tour looked like they were having a great time and the guide seemed to have the knack of making it all very interesting.