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Non Vaccinated travel to France August 2021

I am traveling to Paris from the UK on 2nd August, for work as a seafarer(Compelling reason to travel).

Then I am booked into a hotel in Calais for 7 days quarantine.

Does anyone have any experience of non vaccinated travel to France and quarantine recently?

Are you required to take a PCR test on day 7? If so do you have to report the result to the French government?

Also is the quarantine monitored by the French government in way or is on trust basis like in the UK?

thanks in advance

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not a direct answer, but there are slots available all over the UK at the moment for you to get your first jab well before the 2nd of August. If you are a seafarer you must be an adult I would have thought. All over 18s are eligible. Most are walk-up.

If you get the Janssen / Johnson & Johnson you only need one jab and if you got it this weekend it would be over 2 weeks before you get to France.

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Yes, results are reported to the government and yes, inspectors do monitor your isolation.