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Nice to Paris

I was hoping to get some feedback, preferences or experiences in how to get back to Paris from Nice on July 2nd. I am looking at flights, but wonder if taking the high speed train may be an enjoyable 6h experience. We can do either plane or train as we don’t head back to our home in San Francisco until July 3rd for a 10am flight. We are spending the night of July 2nd at the hotel nearest the CDG airport.

Thank you in advance.

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I've done both. Since you are planning to stay a night, either will work. Normally I would defer to the train, despite the 5h40, if I'm staying next in the city (even for the night). However, if I'm just transiting, I take the plane.

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I enjoyed the train from Nice some years ago, with glimpses of both industry and sea. One thing to note: Some services are on the fast trains but they don't speed on the Nice-Marseilles leg because of old tracks. North of Marseille the speeds are blurring.

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On Sun. Jul 2 there is a direct train (no transfers) departing from the Nice Ville station at 7:11p to Paris Austerlitz arriving Mon. Jul 3 at 7:56a. You must spend the night somewhere so why not sleep in a sleeper car.

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The sleeper train is not really an option right before a flight - too risky, and exhausting for many.
Since you are sleeping at CDG airport, I would just fly from Nice to CDG.

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Heavy travel day Sunday 2nd. Like Balso, I'd fly since you are only transiting.

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Heavy travel day Sunday 2nd

not as heavy on the trains as it will be on the roads. Bison Futé will be busy this year....

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I took the train from Nice to Paris last year, and would recommend it over flying. It may be longer, but much more relaxing and you will arrive in the city as opposed to having to commute in from the airport. It's also quite beautiful along the coast for a big part of the journey.