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Next June or Next September, thoughts on rescheduling

Hello, I've recently decided to reschedule my France trip from this Sept 21 to next year. My boyfriend and I have also decided to seize this opportunity to 1) take three weeks instead of two, and 2) we may possibly be able to fly into one city and out of another. Anyhow, now my question is we are thinking of June instead of September. It is likely that I may be in school Sept of 2021, which may make things a bit more tangled if we decide to do a fall trip again. We had picked fall because that is usually a better time of work for my BF, but June could work as well for him now. Also, we'd heard it (fall) was a more relaxed season.

However, if we planned our timing right and went say, June 11th - July 3rd, we may be able to see more flowers and some lavender, which is appealing to me. I've heard Paris is still quite busy, but the rest of the country isn't too bad and mostly quiet.

We know the French like to vacation in July and August, which is why we had picked mid-September. We could possibly fly something like, Aug 31- Sep 22, which should position me for an immediate return to school, but at least I would make it.

Thoughts on the pros/cons (if any) of June vs September?

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Early September will still be busy with English school children who don’t return to school until c 6 September. There will be more colours in the flowers in June rather than September, although the weather will be similar in most places.

The days are shorter in September.

I would opt for June, so as to avoid an end of season feel.

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The biggest unknown, as you must know, is the state of the virus next year -- what travel will be "open" plus how much risk can you tolerate. No one here has a clue about that, but it wouldn't hurt to start planning anyway.

Absent any virus considerations, I'd say June would be fine, with decent weather and more flowers and daylight than September. September weather would be OK but it's the most expensive month to visit Paris. Definitely three weeks is better than two. Flying "open jaw" isn't difficult and saves you the time and cost of backtracking in France. Use the "multi-city" feature on your search engine and airline website. It might cost a little more than round trip, but not if you consider the cost of returning to your first city.

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I vote for September 2021. It is a great time to visit France, and plane tickets will be more reasonable then, too.

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I like June for almost all of Europe, those long days are just wonderful and allow you to pack so much into each day. While we don’t know anything about June 2021, I think we can probably assume the crowds will be less than they were in June 2019.

I’d advise not booking anything right now. A quick trip around these forums will show you what a headache it’s been for many. The Tour de France is usually in July but I’d keep an eye on the exact dates for 2021, it might depend on the Olympic cycling schedule.

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We prefer to travel to Europe in September. We were last in France in mid September of 2013. We were on the RS Loire to the South of France Tour. We found the weather to be moderate and comfortable. We spent 5 nights in Paris prior to the tour. The entire trip was lovely and relaxing.

And as mentioned up thread, who knows what travel will look like moving forward. "Only the Virus knows for sure." In the meantime keep planning and dreaming. Let's hope for the best.

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I'm sorry I didn't make it clear, I already have booked tickets and am able to reschedule them without any fees, but I must do it and travel before 9/21/2021. I could ask for a refund, but the tickets were an absolute steal so rescheduling is my best bet.

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Check festival options for your choices, too. For instance, June 22 (May be the day before) is the huge evening neighborhood music festival across France. We were in Paris and had lots of fun roaming the neighborhood streets, hearing several different genres of music on street corners and parks.

I highly recommend the light shows illuminated on the huge cathedrals facade in many smaller towns. I saw those at around 10pm at Rouen, Chartres, Le Mans and Nancy. Check their schedules- some I saw the last night they were running in early September.

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Is the rescheduling also without changes to the fare? All airlines are skipping the fees, but the difference in air fare price is not included as fees. You may end up paying current prices when you settle on a travel date. This is something you really should check with your airline about to avoid any unexpected schocks.

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I called yesterday and I don’t believe there are any charges unless we change i.e, open jaw it.